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6 year old Apple TV HD is being updated: is it worth buying?

The A12 was well known and expected, but Apple was also able to surprise in terms of functions. Above all, the image optimization via iPhone is a real highlight. The second highlight is the new remote control, which the company continues to refer to simply as the Siri Remote.

The Apple TV HD will also be included with immediate effect

The new Siri Remote, strictly speaking even the third version, comes with a completely new design, which should make it easier to use, among other things. The reason is the click wheel, which combines touch gestures with buttons - the old touch panel on the previous generation quickly led to incorrect entries for inexperienced users. The placement of the Siri button on the side should also reduce operating errors.

This can not only be purchased separately at the "bargain price" of € 65.00 for an existing Apple TV, it is now even included in the scope of delivery of the Apple TV HD. The group keeps surprisingly in the program. The reason should be not to let the gap to the new Apple TV 4k become too small. But is it still worth buying the Apple TV HD in 2021?

A few years under my belt

Let's get to the facts: The Apple TV HD was first introduced in 2015, almost six years ago. It is powered by an A8, which, among other things, does its job in the HomePod that has already been discontinued. However, the Apple TV HD does not support 4k resolution, let alone Dolby Vision, HDR or Dolby Atmos.

Nevertheless, Cupertino continues to charge 159.00 euros for the Apple TV HD with 32 GB. In view of the competition with the Fire TV Stick 4k at a street price of just under 50.00 euros, we at Mac Life see this as a very brave decision, regardless of whether or not we have a new Siri Remote. Even the free year Apple TV + cannot hide the fact that the price is a bit too high.

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