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Pinterest - briefly explained

Countless video postings on Facebook, status reports every second on Twitter, millions of stories for Instagram. Every social network has special characteristics - so does Pinterest! But what distinguishes the platform from all the other social networks?

Getting started on Pinterest

If you are registering on for the first time, you have to follow five users from a given selection at the beginning in order to be able to continue. As a user, you should get an idea of ​​what your own “timeline” might look like. At the same time, you can learn how to use the “Follow” function directly. This allows your social network to grow as quickly as possible. By logging in with your own Facebook account, you can also see your friends' accounts and boards. A connection is established immediately, and you have another source of inspiration directly.

Pins from the Pinterest picture platform with beach motifs

As the name implies, everything now revolves around pictures (pins) and your interests (interests). As a user, you can now create virtual “pinboards” according to topic, to which you can gradually attach and add suitable images with the “Pin it” button. In the search field, you can enter and filter as many terms as you like (e.g. vacation, beach, sea, etc.) until you come across a suitable result (like on Google). Or you just let yourself be inspired ...

Current pictures of friends and pages you are following appear on the start page / timeline. However, you will also be shown users in between that you might like based on your interests. The virtual pin boards are structured like a photo album and you can create an unlimited number of them. The only important thing is that each pin board must be sorted according to a generic term (e.g. travel, food & drink, living, etc.). For the sake of order, there are therefore no pins without an associated pin board - someone has taken this into consideration.

Already pinned today?

But what is a pin? A pin can be anything: a gift idea, a recipe or a quote. Compared to Instagram, for example, Pinterest is used far less to represent yourself (e.g. through selfies). Instead, the platform serves to collect one's own interests - in the form of images. Everything that inspires you - be it ideas for a home or breathtaking places in the world - you can share on Pinterest. The pins and associated pin boards create a user-friendly structure and respond to the needs of the users. So you can see at a glance what your friends like visually and specifically search for images that might interest you.

This is how clearly pinboards can be designed on Pinterest.

What can Pinterest do better than others?

After Instagram had an unprecedented success story as a photo network, Pinterest is also following the trend towards image-heaviness and combining this with increasing mobile use. Interesting: Pinterest existed before the visually strong Instagram network, but it was not able to gain a foothold, especially in Germany.

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One advantage and a distinctive feature of the online bulletin board is: Behind your uploaded picture there can also be a direct link to a website on which you found the picture. So Pinterest offers you a visual as well as virtual link collection of your interests. This image remains even after the image source has been deleted and is therefore available to the user. The older this pin gets, the more often it is shared and remains up-to-date in the network and for other users. Compared to Instagram, for example, the half-life is relatively high.

Popular topics on Pinterest are ...

... fashion, design, travel, art, infographics, "do-it-yourself" content or even cooking recipes. This makes Pinterest a good advertising platform, especially for fashion online shops. Pinned posts often link directly to this and women in particular are ready to call it up and look at other products. For companies, there is also great potential here to address and win customers with their products. Because many users, especially women, use Pinterest to find the inspiration they need to buy products.

Recommendations that Pinterest builds in this way don't always have to consist of the latest post. Even older posts can come back to your dashboard again and again and never completely disappear into oblivion. Unlike Facebook, Instagram and Co., in which the feed runs very linearly and only the latest posts are featured, Pinterest can always access relevant content, like in a library. Even old pin boards can be rediscovered and can be cherished and cared for with new pins. Nothing will be forgotten on Pinterest.

This is how the sporting goods manufacturer Nike presents itself on Pinterest.

Like other social networks, Pinterest enables liking, commenting, repinning (comparable to the “share” function on Facebook) and following. You either follow a user completely - i.e. all of their pinboards - or just individual pinboards, which offers you a better selection than, for example, Instagram.

However, the platform not only allows you to share external images and links, but also your own images. However, since some images should not be accessible to everyone, Pinterest also gives you the option of creating a secret pin board that is only accessible to those to whom you have sent an invitation to the pin board. The old family photos that you only share with your siblings, or the planning of your new terrace that you only give your friends to talk about. I think: a definite plus!

Pinterest as a search engine

Pinterest not only works as a social network, but also competes with Google with its heavily used search function. The online bulletin board is also used as a search engine by many users. Are you looking for a delicious recipe, a fancy DIY, or a fresh hairstyling? Pinterest has it!

If you are looking for specific terms or keywords, you can also enter them in the form of hashtags or keywords in the search bar. So once you are logged in, the application works quite intuitively. If you love creative chaos, you will feel very comfortable here and find your way around. Pinboards are quite simply a collection of many puzzle pieces made up of pictures, ideas and impressions.

Thanks to the visually appealing content, the look of the network is fully exploited. That is why Pinterest is also interesting for artists, interior designers or photographers who can publish, present and distribute their work here. This presents a special characteristic: On Pinterest you can use the pin boards to “plan” and develop a creative storyboard. Are you moving and still looking for ideas for your living room? No problem!

Pinterest as inspiration and source for living ideas

Another extra

Pinterest enables you to integrate the so-called "Pin it" button as a browser extension. This "Pin it" button appears in the menu bar of your browser. It makes it easier for you to share your posts on Pinterest. If you see a picture on a website that you like and which you would like to share on Pinterest, you can - without having opened Pinterest - click on the previously installed "Pin it" button and thus share the picture directly on Pinterest. Great idea, right?

Figures & facts about Pinterest

Currently, around 70% of Pinterest users are predominantly used by women, and the majority of users are still from the USA. However, the number of German users is also growing. Within the last five years, the number of website visitors in this country has already increased from 2.1 million to 7 million, as the business blog Futurebiz has found out. Pinterest now consists of around 4 billion pin boards with over 200 billion photos and today has almost 367 million users around the world.


Overview of Pinterest users worldwide 2020, source: Statista

The tiresome subject of copyright law

Last but not least, because it is important: Just as with many other image-heavy networks, the online bulletin board is also subject to copyright law. Whether as a committed user of Pinterest, as a photographer, artist or similar ... please only upload photos whose rights you really have. This can save you a lot of trouble.

Otherwise, the pictures on the pin boards are "freely accessible" for every user and can therefore be easily downloaded from the browser. This does not guarantee that someone will use the "Repin" function or at least link their source. This means that the author of a picture cannot always be identified. The result: ugly watermarks that destroy many a beautiful picture. So be careful!

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This article about Pinterest was updated on July 22, 2020.