What is coordinated jurisdiction

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The Federal Office of Justice provides statistics from various areas of the administration of justice for the Federal Ministry of Justice and for consumer protection. The resulting nationwide statistical findings are required in particular for the preparation and evaluation of legislative proposals, but also for answering questions from citizens and questions from the political arena.

The statistics dealt with by the Federal Office of Justice include the legal administration statistics of the federal states, the results of which are compiled at the federal level by the Federal Statistical Office and made available as working documents (coordinated state statistics).

This includes first of all the business statistics of the administration of justice. These "activity records" on the scope, type and execution of the proceedings are available for the civil, family, administrative, financial and criminal courts and also for the public prosecutor's offices. From 2007 statistics will also be compiled for the areas of labor and social justice. Also to be mentioned are the personal statistics of the criminal justice system with regard to criminal prosecution, the penal system and probation assistance.

The results of the coordinated state statistics are available on the homepage of the Federal Statistical Office. The Federal Office of Justice prepares the results of these statistics for the purposes of the Federal Ministry of Justice and for consumer protection and makes its own calculations based on this data. The Federal Office of Justice contributes to the further development of these statistics and also represents the interests of the federal government.

In addition, the Federal Office of Justice also keeps statistics in the context of the coordinated state statistics, which it creates and maintains on the basis of supplies from the states.

These are primarily the overviews of the business burden of the courts and the public prosecutor's offices, special statistics on the Care Act and the overviews of personnel at the courts and public prosecutor's offices. The federal results of these statistics are made available as time series on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.

Finally, the Federal Office of Justice oversees subject-specific individual statistics that are created outside of the coordinated state statistics. These include statistics on the results of the state legal examinations and the examination of the Rechtspfleger, the Rechtspfleger statistics, the advisory support statistics, the lay judge statistics and the overview of telecommunications surveillance.

Individual statistics contain hyperlinks to legal texts at www.gesetze-im-internet.de. These links are correct as of the date stated in the respective document as the status. Changes to the law made after this date cannot be ruled out. Such changes may result in the link leading to a modified version of the law that does not correspond to what the statistics are based on.