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Debt comparison: out-of-court settlement by a specialist lawyer

You are welcome to speak to one of our experts Free initial telephone consultation to lead. In this we go into detail on your individual case and give you concrete success prognoses.

Even in the later course of your clientele, we will discuss the further strategy and the amount of your offer in a sustainable manner. We will send you suggestions and assessments based on our expertise. However, you always have the last word:

We will only make the respective offer to your creditors with your approval!

Opening a new account

As part of your personal preparation, you should first consider a New account open to secure your non-attachable assets. To do this, open a new checking account with a bank with which you have no debts.

In the next step, visit this bank again a few days later and request that your new current account be transferred to a so-called "Garnishment protection account”(Short:“ P-Account ”) is converted. Through this special account, you will be granted a certain amount on this account, safe from seizure. If you have maintenance obligations, you should also submit an "850k certification”(We can issue these to you at any time if required).

Tip from the specialist lawyer: Do not mention the P account when opening the new account. You only have a legal claim against the bank with regard to the “conversion” of a current account into a P-account, but not the direct “opening” of a P-account (cf. § 850k para. 7 ZPO). The bank can therefore still reject you if you mention the P account before opening the new account. It is better to wait 1-2 days after opening the new account and then request the conversion.

All future earnings should be credited to this account from this point on. More about Prepare your account for future debt relief here.

Payment stop

After you have set up your new account, stop all further payments to your creditors. This is legally unobjectionable. Only the claims that apply to your personal life support (rent, electricity, internet, etc.) will continue to be paid. This has an announcing signal effect for your creditors:

Because a short time later, we will approach your creditors as your legal accompaniment and inform them of the upcoming debt relief measure. Most of the creditors then stop any attempt at attachment and await our first offer.

With our experienced law firm and the procedure described behind them, your creditors will treat the offer with all seriousness.

Collect creditors' correspondence

Get an overview of the creditors' distribution and therefore collect all incoming letters. In the background we will be on your behalf Queries from the common debt registers in Germany (i.e. in particular Schufa, ICD, Boniversum) in order to be able to locate forgotten creditors for you.