Why is English important in education

English on the job

Arabic, Chinese, English at work: which foreign languages ​​are in demand?

English is the most important thing for more than 87 percent of employers. English thus trumps all other foreign languages. On the Second place went to French, however, they are only required in five percent of job advertisements. Even more sporadically, bosses require knowledge of Italian, Dutch, Polish and Spanish. By contrast, employers only want Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian in two percent of job vacancies.

Big differences between industries

In some industries, English is often in demand on the job, in other industries, however, hardly at all. You probably think of interpreters, foreign language correspondents and language teachers first. But the analysis shows that knowledge of the English language is also important for numerous other professional groups that apparently have nothing to do with foreign countries. For example, English skills apply to Lawyers, engineers and other natural scientists as key qualifications. Two thirds of the vacancies in these areas require a decent level of English. Foreign language requirements are also common in sales, after all, employees in this area often have to deal with foreign countries.

It looks different in the public service. Foreign languages ​​are seldom a prerequisite here; only a fifth of job advertisements require applicants to be able to speak English. For the German is sufficient for most public service jobs therefore off. Foreign language skills are also rarely required for job applications for doctors and nurses. A full eight percent of the job advertisements for doctors explicitly state knowledge of the English language as a prerequisite. In the case of the advertisements for carers, it is only five percent.


Whether you urgently need English at work depends on the industry and your company. But even if you rarely use foreign languages ​​at work, it can't hurt to work on your language skills. At the latest when you want to move up to the management level, you will benefit from your language skills.

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