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New online tool for insulin pump therapy for patients

People with diabetes requiring insulin can now discover the possibilities and benefits of insulin pump therapy online. The website explains how insulin pump therapy works compared to multiple daily insulin injections and how this can help improve well-being and make everyday life easier. From now on, doctors can refer interested patients to the new online module at They have the opportunity to find out from various subject areas whether an insulin pump is suitable for them.

Insulin pump therapy can be a convenient alternative to multiple daily injections for people with diabetes. However, many patients are unsure whether an insulin pump is a suitable therapy option. Often they are not sufficiently aware of the improvements in individual diabetes management.

"With the new online module 'Ready for the pump' we want to increase awareness of the advantages of insulin pump therapy and provide detailed information," says Barbara Woll, Head of Insulin Pump Marketing, Diabetes Care Roche Diagnostics Germany. "On our Accu-Chek® website, for example, patients can design a fictitious day to find out how they support them in everyday life. Furthermore, an interactive questionnaire can be processed to determine the benefits of an insulin pump . "

Effects on health, safety and comfort

With an insulin pump, it is convenient and easy to adjust the respective insulin dose to your individual diet, physical activity and sleep rhythm. The natural functions of the pancreas are mimicked by an optimized insulin dose. The blood sugar level can be kept more stable through the combination of regular blood sugar self-tests and the use of a bolus calculator with the Accu-Chek® Combo insulin pump, which minimizes the risk of long-term complications.

The interactive platform "Ready for the pump" explains in detail how the pump precisely and continuously transfers the individually required amount of insulin to the body. The Accu-Chek insulin pump systems are small devices that can be worn discreetly and comfortably, for example on the upper arm, leg or hips, in a bra pouch or in your pocket. These are connected to the body via a small infusion set. Insulin pump users particularly appreciate the fact that the infusion set only needs to be changed once every three days, whereas insulin is injected with a pen several times a day.

On the website, those interested can discover the many uses of the insulin pump and thus get a better idea of ​​what wearing a pump might feel like. "Living with diabetes can be easy and carefree when the therapy is tailored to individual needs," explains Woll. "An intensive examination of the insulin pump therapy is worthwhile, since the everyday life of the patient can possibly be influenced positively and as desired."

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Image source: Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH

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