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Internet Google: Blur traces of data - this is how it works


Google is THE search engine on the net. Many internet users probably don't know anyone else. The problem with this is that Google remembers everything you do, especially if you already have a Google account. The Google account, for example, is largely indispensable if you want to use an Android mobile phone with all functions or simply use one of the services such as Google mail. As soon as you are logged in, Google can assign your data to you - and remember everything that you do on the Internet via Google. It is obvious that this does not necessarily make sense. We will show you how to delete the data.

Note: Google is now accommodating its users and automatically deletes your location, web & app history for new users after 18 months. The function has been activated by default since June 24th, 2020. Do you already have a Google account? Then you can activate the automatic deletion process for activities that are older than 3 or 18 months. We explain here how to delete the Google search history. However, if you would like to individually blur your search queries and data traces, you should still follow our instructions.

Blurring the data trail on Google - that's how it works

In this guide we explain how you can have Google entries deleted from you.

That's it: after you've gone through these 10 steps, your Google system will hold significantly less data. As I said, you can view the data at any time and delete it manually, which makes things much easier. By the way, users who are not logged in can easily delete all information by pressing the Clear browser cache: At best, Google saves cookies that enable recognition.