When should you fold pocket aces

Poker definition: cooler

What does the term "cooler" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of "cooler" in the poker world? In poker, a "cool" hand is a hand where you have a very strong hand, there is no way you can fold, and you end up losing to an even stronger hand. In short, unless you have the reading of the century on your opponent, there is literally nothing you can do when you are "chilled". The meaning of the term "cooler" in poker is explained. Let's look at some examples of being "cool": Live Casino Hand You are playing in a multi-table tournament and you have a medium-sized stack. You are dealt pocket kings in early position and you raise. The action flips to the button that decides to re-raise. You think for a second and move all-in only to be called by your opponent who flips pocket aces. This is a "cool one" as you don't fold pocket kings for anyone. Online Hand Receive pocket 3s on the button and choose to raise pre-flop from someone in early position. The flop comes 3-3-6, which gives you Quad 3s. You and your opponent are quickly putting your chips in the middle, much to your surprise. You flip your pockets over while your opponent shows 6-6 for a full house. Your opponent was absolutely cool on this hand and there is nothing he could have done to prevent the end result, which was to lose all of his chips.