What makes a really bad driver

Survey: What defines good drivers - and how you can recognize bad drivers

Racing, provoking accidents and not blinking: this kind of behavior particularly upsets German drivers. But how exactly do you recognize a bad driver and how do you recognize a good driver in return? And do women or men drive better? The insurance company DA Direkt examined this in a recent survey.

At the end of February 2014, YouGov asked more than 1,000 drivers for their opinion on behalf of the motor insurance company DA Direkt. The result: Most Germans (nine out of ten respondents) consider themselves good drivers. A still clear majority of 60 percent is of the opinion that women and men drive equally well. When assessing the ability of different age groups to drive, most of them say that young people between the ages of 18 and 25 are the worst drivers. It would be best if people between the ages of 26 and 65 would drive a car, after which their skills behind the wheel would decrease again. But why is that?

Driving experience is the hallmark of a good driver

The number one criterion (72 percent) by which the study participants identify a good driver is the driving experience they have acquired. For this reason, the younger drivers do significantly worse. After all, a confident, prudent and anticipatory driving style is still decisive for 61 percent. But according to the survey, the reaction strength (43 percent) also characterizes a good driver.

Bad drivers, on the other hand, can be recognized by how often they have already been involved in accidents (58 percent - or by the fact that they often drive too fast (42 percent). But the opposite also seems to annoy other road users: at 38 percent Driving too slowly is in third place on the negative list. © 1 & 1 Mail & Media / ContentFleet