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Film tips for entrepreneurs: These 9 films will motivate you to succeed

These are our best film tips for entrepreneurs - and for success, motivation and careers!

Many hold Citizen Kane not just for one of the most important Films for entrepreneurs, but also for one of the best works in film history. The film is about the rise of Charles Foster Kane who, after being adopted by a banker, becomes the greatest businessman of his time, without being fully understood by the press or his family. The work is both a warning and an inspiration. (Also read: Series “Oktoberfest 1900” - the beer tent as a human abyss)

However, there are also many other films about the careers of people who have managed to break old paradigms, revolutionize their industries and thus become millionaires or even billionaires - both real stories and fiction.

Here are our movie tips for entrepreneurs about exceptional careers and achievements:

1. Film tip for success: The Social Network

A flick that tells the story of the founding of Facebook - and the resulting legal problems that Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) was faced with as the company grew worldwide and consolidated as a revolutionary institution that was supposed to change the world. Though the film takes a lot of liberties, it portrays Zuckerberg as an individual focused on creating something that sets him apart - and that always puts his interests first when things get tight. (Also interesting: These are the 11 best horror films on Netflix)

Why you should watch the movie: The film also deals with deeper topics, but is also a portrait of an entrepreneur who has to defend his product and his own role in its creation. He makes decisions regardless of what others think - and that makes the character even more mysterious and confusing. While the film contains some warnings about such a power, it undoubtedly paints a picture of a tech genius.

2. Must-see film for entrepreneurs: Steve Jobs

While “Jobs” (2013), in which Steve Jobs is played by Ashton Kutcher, glorified the Apple founder and made him seem almost unreal, this work by Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle paints a more realistic picture of genius. It breaks up myths and shows how Jobs (Michael Fassbender) knitted his own legend through secrecy. In the three most important moments of his career, we see a man who holds fast to his ideal of wanting to change the world - and is confronted with employees, managers, colleagues and his own ego in the process. (Also Read: Tim Cook Reveals What Steve Jobs taught him about mistakes)

Why you should watch the movie: Not only is the film a portrait of how the myth of a genius is created, but it also shows the dark side of Steve Jobs - and the risks that such self-centeredism brings with it. It may nonetheless contribute to the myth of the "selfless genius", but it shows it in its raw form and offers valuable lessons: Like that it is possible to be revolutionary and to take care of your relationships.

3. Film tip for visionaries: Moneyball

Aaron Sorkin's third film on this list: The screenwriter simply knows how to tell stories about men who have broken with convention. "Moneyball" is a film that traces the real case of Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland Athletic baseball team. He went through a serious crisis and decided to implement a data-based player analysis system. With that he managed to create a team that set a record of 20 wins in a row. (Also interesting: Netflix documentary about Jeffrey Epstein: The victims of the sex dealer tell of the abysses of US high society)

Why you should watch the movie: It was far from easy for Beane to change baseball. He stood up to the team manager and faced criticism from sports journalists. By the time his system began to work, however, his vision had proven correct (if not entirely perfect).

4. Film tip with high star density: Glengarry Glen Ross

This film is remembered by many for an iconic scene: top manager Blake (Alec Baldwin) gives a speech at the beginning of the drama. He calls his co-workers, a group of real estate agents, failures and demands that they have to achieve higher sales numbers. A competition in which everyone has to be measured by their sales figures should serve this purpose. The twist: The first place gets a car, the worst gets fired. (Worth reading: Robert Downey Jr. plans Sherlock Holmes Universe based on the Marvel model)

Why you should watch the movie: Once because of the fantastic actors: Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon and Jonathan Pryce. But of course also because of the gripping story: real estate agents of the old school are suddenly awakened to new life by the unexpected competition - but they also struggle with their job.

5. Must-see for success: The Big Short

Excellent work by Adam McKay on how the 2008 economic crisis hit the United States that had a devastating impact on the whole world. In three different stories, the film follows men who were able to foresee what no one else saw and who had the opportunity to make money as a result of the crisis. However, the film does not show them as heroes, but as characters with moral doubts about their actions.

Why you should watch the movie: Although this is not strictly a film about entrepreneurs, it still follows the idea of ​​observing trends where no one else sees them. The most important thing, however, remain the moral dilemmas, because while millions of people are left without housing and money, the protagonists earn millions of dollars.

6. Classic film full of ideals: Pirates of Silicon Valley

The classic (a television film) tells the "fight" between Bill Gates and Apple boss Steve Jobs between 1971 and 1997 and shows how the technological revolutions of the one animated the other to become even better - until both played a central role the development of personal computers, with Gates being the more successful up to this point. (Also read: Bill Gates reveals his life tips)

Why you should watch the movie: Every entrepreneur sees Gates and Jobs as great examples within the tech industry, but in this film we see very clearly their ideals and what kept them motivated to keep going - and it wasn't just about money.

7. A brilliant comedy full of office irony: Office Space

Mike Judge's brilliant comedy, which - although it's several decades old - seems to have predicted the way many people live today. He follows a frustrated programmer who works in a small cubicle, has to answer to three bosses and also works on the weekends because he does not have the courage to raise his voice. One day his mentality changes - and he becomes a man who doesn't care about his job and whose only mission is to destroy the company.

Why you should watch the movie: The film is a dream for anyone who works in an office all day and actually wants something more. The joke lies in the fact that the protagonist appears to his executives to be the most valuable just when he is increasingly indifferent to the job and thus radiates more self-confidence.

8. Movie tip for entrepreneurs: Wall Street

To get back to the subject of moral dilemmas, Wall Street is an excellent film that shows the risks of going too far. Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young stock market investor who ends up getting involved with a wealthy financial shark Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), who increasingly embroils him in deals that threaten his finances and public image. (Also interesting: How to wear the Wall Street shirt)

Why you should watch the movie: Flying too close to the sun can be dangerous, and that's the real lesson of the Strip. Searching for more shouldn't mean getting into dark business or falling into corruption.

9. Film tip with a failed example: Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Billy McFarland is the example of how you can go from entrepreneur to fraudster in a very short time. This documentary follows the infamous Fyre Festival, which was launched by McFarland and which turned out to be an absolute disaster. The audience arrived to see that there was no infrastructure, that the musical events had been canceled, that there was no place to sleep or rest, and that there was no way to return home (in the middle of an island in the Bahamas) . Lying and money mishandling turned Fyre into a mess and a warning against characters like McFarland.

Why you should watch the movie: The lessons of this documentary are simple: a healthy distrust of some “entrepreneurs” can't hurt either!

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