Can Ark Os compete with Android

Huawei's Harmony OS is to be used in "innovative PCs"

Since the US embargo against the Chinese IT company Huawei, it is unclear which software it can use in the future. As a replacement for inter alia Android came up with the name HarmonyOS again and again recently. A roadmap from the manufacturer now reveals what Huawei is planning with the operating system. Or maybe not. Because it is still not really clear what Huawei ultimately wants to do with the operating system, initially also known as Hongmeng and Ark OS. Because in the early days, HarmonyOS was repeatedly brought into play by managers of the company as an Android replacement. It was later admitted that the operating system for smartphones was actually out of the question because it was actually developed for IoT applications.


A roadmap shown by James Lu, Product Manager at Huawei, at an event in Jakarta, Indonesia, now provides some new information about HarmonyOS, but this roadmap does not answer all of the questions. At least one can conclude from this that the Chinese manufacturer is far from finished with the operating system (smartphones are not mentioned, by the way). The current 'roadmap' with regard to HarmonyOS As the blog HarmonyArea (via MSPowerUser) reports, the development of the key modules is currently in progress, these are based on an open source framework. The kernel has been worked on in the past two years, and the result is HarmonyOS 1.0. Next year, HarmonyOS 2.0 is on the program and this is to be used for smartwatches, (fitness) bracelets and "head units".

The first place in the entry for 2020 is the term "Innovative PCs". What you mean by that can only be speculated about. However, it is highly unlikely that Huawei will want to compete with Windows 10 and Co. with this. It is more likely that IoT solutions will be summarized with it, even if the term PC usually means something different.

In terms of technology, Huawei has confirmed that the OS will be locked, meaning that users will not be able to root. According to Huawei, security should benefit from this. Honor, Smart TV, Huawei Honor, Harmony OS, Honor VisionHonor
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