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If its about Educational games and experiment sets for your offspring then MindWare is one of the leading game publishers internationally. Because there are lots of games and play trains with the help of which you can provide excellent support to children from the age of only two years. But also for teenage children MindWare Verlag has one or the other suitable game on offer in its online shop. By the way, MindWare Spieleverlag already exists since 1990 and the company is represented in around 20 countries around the world.

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Company backgrounds for MindWare Spieleverlag

Jeanne Voigt founded MindWare in the American Midwest. Originally it was just a retail store for toys, puzzles and children's games, but the manufacturer of MindWare educational games was soon launched.

The market for Educational games the publisher was able to stir up the assortment from the MindWare Shop right from the start.

Because the entertainment factor of the MindWare educational games from the MindWare Games Test is simply particularly high. So you could already many coveted awards win.

For example the Mensa Select Award or the Game of the year award in Germany. By the way, the first of the MindWare educational games was called Bella's Mystery Deck and was released in 1997.

ProductsEducational games, card games, puzzles, experiment kits, building blocks

The best MindWare games in the test

With hundreds of game titles, it was very difficult to find a favorite in the MindWare Games Test. Because the educational games from the MindWare Shop are all unique and promise just as much Fun like card, dice, board games or party games.

Tip! In addition, the educational games high quality processed and partly made of wood. Therefore, you can buy the MindWare educational games together with all figures, building blocks and other accessories cheaply used.

Order the following games in price comparison for example to one low price:

  • Q-Bitz Extreme
  • Qwirkle cubes
  • Link winks

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We found prices of 35-41 euros for the Mindware board games category. The average at is therefore 38 euros. You can find all online shops and offers on the relevant product detail page.

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Our experts recommend the following brands: Mindware.

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