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For the 20th time in anticipation: This family is growing again


She is the TV hit in the US state of Arkansas: Michelle Duggar is the star of the reality show "19 children and it is not over". She is expecting her 20th child in April.

19 children were probably not enough for her - now a 45-year-old woman is expecting children in the USA for the twentieth time. "We are so grateful," said Michelle Duggar on Tuesday on NBC's Today Show.

On the show, she and her husband, one year older, Jim Bob, and their 19 children, announced the good news. "We didn't think God would give us another child," said Duggar, who is expecting child number 20 in April. "There is always room for another one."

The large religious family from Little Rock in the US state of Arkansas is the focus of the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting” on the TLC broadcaster. The show has been running since September 2008, initially under the name “17 Kids and Counting” and - unsurprisingly - “18 Kids and Counting”.

Mama Michelle runs a blog and sells books

She also has her own website, where you can view family photos, follow Mother Michelle's blog, and buy books written by parents. Father Jim Bob also gives tips there especially for other fathers, and there are several DVDs to buy.

The 19 children - ten boys and nine girls - are between 23 months and 23 years old, including two pairs of twins. There are now two grandchildren. In Duggar's last pregnancy there were significant complications, the baby Josie was born three and a half months premature in December 2009.

Nevertheless, the 45-year-old is not worried about the new pregnancy. She feels good from exercising five to six times a week and eating healthy, she said on NBC: "I'm in better shape than I have been in 20 years." And then there was another reason for the 20th child, admitted Duggar: "We didn't want to stop at a strange number."

Duggar proclaims the good news

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