What is a smile


Smile is a form of smile that occurs after experiencing something funny. Smiling is a kind of silent laugh. You can smile when you have experienced an unintentionally strange situation, but do not want to laugh out loud in order not to embarrass anyone.

A smile can also be a benevolent smile: You like what the other is doing and express it with a benevolent smile. A smile can also be an expression of wellbeing: Everything is good as it is. You ate well, you are either alone or with others you like. One is satisfied with oneself, the world and God. Then you can smile with satisfaction.

A smile can also be a patronizing smile, a fatherly smile: When a father sees his child, a teacher a student struggling, a smile shows on his face.

The Duden defines a smile as follows: According to the Duden, a smile is smile with closed lips out of a certain amusement, satisfaction, with approval or understanding for something

Smiling as a softened form of laughter

A smile can be seen as a softened form of laughter. Laughing is healthy. Laughter is the best medicine. This is also confirmed by the empirical results of gelotogy, the science of laughter. Therefore, one can assume that smiling is healthy. A smile is a kind of quietly amused exhilaration and can only be recognized by the facial expression.

Description of the smile

The expression on the face of the smile is difficult to describe. Ma could say: The corners of the mouth are pulled slightly outwards and upwards. So the mouth shows a small bulge. Your mouth may open a little, but you can't see any teeth. The eyes shine and shine. You may see laugh lines around the corners of your eyes

Function of the smile

Why does a person smile? This question also concerns the why of laughing and smiling. It is actually a characteristic of people that they laugh, that they smile and smile. First of all, smiling is a form of communication: You only smile at people you trust. With a smile you express a human closeness, maybe even a loving affection.

A smile can also be recognition for someone else, or an attempt to lovingly cover up an embarrassment. One can also smile at one's own mistakes. With a smile you can get beyond embarrassment and overcome shyness. However, you can also smile on your own. A smile can be an expression of self-satisfaction or self-irony.

Brain science and smile

Neurologically, Schunzeln is a positive emotion that is essentially controlled via the pleasure center of the limbic system and also activates the reward center in the brain.

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