Why do doctors have no beards

Transsexuals: Health insurers only have to pay for hair removal by doctors

Kassel. Statutory health insurance only has to pay transsexuals to have their whiskers removed by doctors. Cosmeticians or electrologists are not allowed to do this, as the Federal Social Court (BSG) in Kassel has now decided. Doctors who want to offer the service can then bring an electrologist into the practice.

Most of the whiskers can be removed with laser epilation. Because the devices do not recognize white and gray hair very well, this is often left over. With a needle epilation, the roots of these hairs have to be killed individually with electricity. For transsexuals, this is included as medical treatment in the service catalog of the statutory health insurance companies.

However, needle epilation is very time-consuming and has to be spread over a longer period of time. There are therefore practically no contract doctors who offer this service. The plaintiffs therefore had themselves treated by electrologists who were also licensed as non-medical practitioners. The costs reached up to over ten thousand euros. However, the health insurance companies did not want to pay the bills.

Electrologists are not drug providers

The lawsuits against this were unsuccessful. "A system failure due to a factual supply gap that is imposing here does not mean that the doctor's reservation as a mandatory minimum professional qualification can be dispensed with," judged the BSG. Beauticians and electrologists are not approved as drug providers in the statutory health insurance.

However, the top social judges did give the male-to-woman transsexuals concerned a little hope. For example, it is permissible if the needle epilation "is performed as a medical service with the dependent assistance of electrologists / beauticians".

In addition, those affected could also visit a private doctor's practice. Because of the “system failure of the statutory health insurance scheme”, the statutory health insurances would then have to reimburse these costs. (Mwo)

Federal Social Court, Ref .: B 1 KR 4/20 R and others