What does the website mean

What does website mean

A website is the collection of all pages under a particular domain. At www.zeitgeist-is.de you will only find pages from Zeitgeist Internet Solutions, for example. So this is our website. Homepage is another term that is often confused with website, but the homepage is actually just the first page of a website directory. In rare cases, you can also view subdirectories of a large ISP as separate websites, as these were created by different users with different designs and interests.

Importance of websites for medium-sized businesses

Your company, no matter how big it is, can benefit from having its own website. B. through reduced advertising costs. Imagine the money you could save if your print advertising were just a small sheet of paper and your entire catalog was online on your website. 24 hours a day, never dusty, misplaced or torn by the dog. Always as up-to-date as you want, with the latest special offers. And instead of calling your sales department first, the customer can also order online right away. Questions about the products are first searched online and your customer service is only called if your website does not provide enough material. Incredible? Already part of everyday life with your competition!

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