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This year the soccer world championship is coming up again - for many the TV highlight of the year! Since not everyone can enjoy the sporting event live in the stadium and many are not at home during match and broadcast times to watch the football matches on normal television, live TV streams are a good alternative. But streaming services raise many questions for many football fans. So many do not know which providers they can follow the football matches in the live stream, which live streams they also get a good quality, whether the offers cost something and whether free offers are perhaps even illegal. That is why we would like to provide you with comprehensive information on this topic in our latest energis guide on the subject of football live stream and explain everything you need to know.


Football live stream vs. TV broadcast

While soccer games were previously only broadcast on television and you were bound to certain times and the corresponding TV set, today it is also possible to watch soccer games everywhere via live stream. There are several advantages to this. So you don't have to sit at home in front of the TV during the soccer game. You can, for example, follow the desired batch when you are out and about, in the garden or - if this is allowed - while you are working. All you need for this is usually a connection to the Internet and a corresponding Internet-enabled transmission device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. Find out more about our Internet & Telephone Traife now! It is not without reason that these soccer live streams are becoming more and more popular, after all they offer users a lot of freedom. Even on vacation it is now often possible to watch football matches live. With a smartphone and the corresponding live stream, you are no longer restricted in your daily plans and can see the program you want from anywhere. Younger viewers under 30 years of age in particular use live stream offers more or sometimes even exclusively.


Football Live Stream: Watch the Football World Cup on the go

If you do not have the opportunity to watch the games on TV at the time the soccer World Cup matches are broadcast, then live streaming offers you an excellent alternative to still watch the matches and not miss anything important. Because with a stream, you can even watch the soccer games while on the go. All you need is access to the Internet. You do not have to interrupt your daily activities with access to a live stream and you will never miss a soccer game - even if you are on the go.


Granting of rights to the soccer World Cup

The broadcasting rights to the games of the 2018 soccer World Cup have again been secured this year by the public television broadcasters ARD and ZDF. The two public broadcasters had to buy these from FIFA for several million. They broadcast the 64 games of the World Cup in Russia on their free-to-air television channels and also offer a free live stream of the games. Other German private broadcasters and sports streaming services, on the other hand, are not authorized to show the games live.

The country of residence is decisive

You can access the live streams offered by ARD and ZDF throughout Germany with the appropriate internet access. This is usually still possible from Austria and Switzerland. The situation is different in the rest of the world. Here you have a different IP address and therefore, due to geoblocking, you no longer have access rights to the live streams of the German broadcasters. If you want to watch football matches live via live stream abroad - for example, because you are on vacation or on a business trip - you have to rely on the stream from the broadcaster that has secured the broadcasting rights in the relevant country. The country of residence always decides which stream you are allowed to use. So if you are traveling at the time of the soccer World Cup, it is worthwhile to find out beforehand which broadcaster in the relevant country is the official rights holder of the broadcast.

  • In France, the transmission rights went to the freely accessible private broadcaster TF1 and to the pay broadcaster BelnSports.
  • In Spain and Italy, the broadcasting rights are held by the Mediaset TV group.


ARD - ZDF Stream

The two public television channels have again secured the rights to the live broadcast of the soccer World Cup this year and are allowed to broadcast them live both on television and online. However, the two broadcasters also have the option of handing over the broadcasting rights for parallel games on the last day of the match. The public broadcasters already opted for this option at the European Championships in France. For many football fans, broadcasting on the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF has the advantage that both channels are freely available and watching football matches on these broadcasters costs nothing. If you want to watch the World Cup games in Germany via stream, you can do so on the websites and free of charge and completely legally. The respective stream usually appears shortly before kick-off and is usually very easy to find on the respective start page. The only requirement that you have to meet in order to use the World Cup live streams from ARD and ZDF is that you have installed the latest Flash plug-in on the device on which you want to watch the broadcast. If you are unsure whether you have this or not know where to download it, this is usually no problem. When you try to start the stream, you will receive a direct message including a link to the latest Flash plug-in version and can then install it with just a few clicks and in a short time. If your browser does not support the required Flash plug-in, you must change the browser accordingly. This can be the case with Safari, for example. So-called content distribution networks, or CDNs for short, must be used so that the required bandwidth for video streaming is available at all during the usage peaks during the soccer World Cup. This is a network of regionally distributed servers connected via the Internet that helps to deliver the large media files.


Bundesliga live stream for free

Many soccer fans not only want to watch the soccer World Cup via live stream, but also the soccer Bundesliga. Here, however, the allocation of rights looks different than at the World Cup. A total of seven channels have secured the rights to broadcast the Bundesliga in the 2017/18 season. Including two pay channels. Sky subscribers were able to watch 266 games from the last 306 Bundesliga games. For subscribers who want to watch the games via stream, Sky offers the free live stream Sky Go. To do this, however, the corresponding app must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store. The 40 games for which Sky has no rights are only available live in Eurosport's Eurosport Player. In addition to these games, there are four relegation games in the second and third leagues as well as the so-called Supercup game. Only the season opener, the relegation games of the second and third Bundesliga and the Supercup are available from a pay-TV channel without a subscription. The public broadcaster ZDF has also acquired the relevant broadcasting rights here. Champions League games are also available live via the paid streaming service DAZN.


Bundesliga soccer - all games

In order to be able to see all the games in the German Bundesliga, you need a Sky subscription and the Eurosport Player. However, the assignment of rights can change in every season. Game summaries or highlights of the games can also be seen on other channels or portals of streaming providers. Sky also offers the option of watching the games via Sky Ticket without a longer subscription. Here you can choose between daily, weekly and monthly tickets. If you don't want to buy a subscription or a ticket for a pay-TV channel yourself, but still don't want to do without live broadcasts, all you have to do is go to a corresponding sports bar, a pub or comparable locations with a subscription and the rights to show the games. There are special subscriptions that are tailored to businesses and clubs.


HD - soccer live stream in good quality

So that you can enjoy the football live stream in good quality, you need a minimum connection speed of at least 9 Mbit / s. If you do not have this, it can happen that the transmitted image jerks or sometimes gets stuck. You also need a device with a correspondingly good image quality for transmission in HD quality (high definition reception). The broadcast image can be as good as your available screen allows. You should also note that your available transmission speed also depends on how many devices use this data line. So if you are online with several devices in the network at the same time, it can happen that in the end less than the required 9 Mbit / s is available on your device despite the faster overall speed. When using a smartphone or tablet, however, it is advisable to only use the streams with a connection to the WLAN or with a sufficiently large data flat rate. Otherwise, the use of streaming offers can result in high costs if the corresponding data transport is not covered in your contract.

Football live stream for mobile phones and tablets

You can of course not only follow the football world championship live streams from ARD and ZDF on a PC, but also use them on your smartphone or tablet. However, you need the appropriate app for this. The respective apps from ARD and ZDF can be found free of charge in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.


Is it legal to watch a football live stream?

The live streaming offers from ARD and ZDF are free and easily and legally accessible to users in Germany. In addition to the two public television channels ARD and ZDF, the pay channel Sky will also broadcast part of the 2018 World Cup legally. However, these are only 25 of the total of 64 games. This includes all games with the German national team, the final and two semi-final games. However, the offer can only be used by Sky Sport subscribers. On the other hand, they have the advantage that Sky broadcasts the various games in Ultra HD format. In addition, the games can be followed via the Sky subscription while traveling or on vacation abroad. The use of illegal streaming providers or providers who have no official rights to the live broadcast, on the other hand, is illegal and also punishable. The free streaming of content that is actually paid for is also generally to be viewed as illegal.


Football Live Stream - other providers

Other streaming providers of sporting events and other leagues - for example games of foreign soccer leagues - that offer legal streams are, for example, DAZN or Amazon. The paid streaming provider has, for example, broadcast rights for the English Premier League or the first and second division in France, the first Spanish football league or Serie A from Italy. From summer 2018, DAZN will even broadcast the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League live. Sport1 +, the paid version of the sports channel Sport1, also broadcasts a few European football leagues live - including, for example, the Italian Serie A, the French Ligue 1, the Belgian Jupiler Pro League and the Scottish Scottish Premiership.

Conclusion on the subject of football live stream

Live streams are a great alternative if you are not at home when the World Cup matches are being broadcast and do not have access to a normal television set. However, you should know that live streams on the Internet are somewhat slower than normal television broadcasts for technical reasons. This can make up to 60 seconds of difference. You should also make sure that you have a sufficiently fast data connection and that your display has good image quality so that you can enjoy the WM transmission with sharp and smooth images. If you would like to watch the matches of the Football World Cup 2018 via live stream, you should use the streaming services of ARD and ZDF. These offer you the best quality, are free and are also the only streams permitted in Germany - apart from a few selected broadcasts from the paid provider Sky - that you can use without restriction for the World Cup broadcast.



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