Why aren't scary movies scary

These are the 25 scariest movies of all time

There are films that you watch and by the next day at the latest you will have forgotten them again. You can still remember the plot, the actors, and maybe even the soundtrack, but they just don't keep you occupied for long. If they're particularly good or really bad, you might tell a friend or two about them, but that's about it. They'll disappear from your life again - until you watch them a second time, a sequel comes out, or you see a commercial for a remake. You might not think about her again until years later. Maybe never.
And then there are movies that you still have very have something for a long time. Films that will make you sweat on your forehead for nights on end. Movies that are so scary that you can't watch videos, walk in the woods, or sleep alone for weeks. Films that make you wish you could still live with mom because you want nothing more than to be able to hide under her covers. We're talking about horror films, of course.
If you are in the mood for pure thrills again, but don't want to dig your way through countless (super scary!) Trailers, just click your way through the following slideshow. In this, I will introduce you to the 25 darkest, most haunted and horrific films of the last 60 years. Enjoy (if you dare ...).