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In addition to Instagram and Co., what are the new social media platforms of tomorrow?

Nowadays it is normal for students to have a multitude of apps on their mobile phones and to be active in numerous social media channels. In addition to the usual platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc., smaller, (still) unknown platforms are always trying to establish themselves and cause a stir. But who are the newcomers and how do they differ from the others? Here you can find out which trend apps are the most promising and which advertising opportunities they offer you.

House party - face to face social network

The app enables its users to Video group chat with up to eight other people at the same time. She describes herself as a "face to face social network". Of course, stickers, filters and the like should not be missing to make the conversation more fun. Since 2018 there have been new features that allow the user to play in-chat games such as "Heads Up" with the other video chat participants. With this feature, you can currently only advertise with in-app purchases instead of directly on the platform. However, there should soon be further advertising opportunities in the area of ​​content marketing, where your company has the chance, for example, to organize "house parties" itself and to be able to give tips and tricks on products.

TikTok - The Instagram for music and videos

The platform you can't ignore if you want to reach Generation Z. TikTok has been around since 2017 and is the successor to For those who haven't heard of TikTok: With the social media app you can Create short videos that repeat over and over in a loop. Then you have the option to add hashtags, music, text, etc. to decorate the video. The platform provides you with various options for placing ads. There is the option to place native advertisements directly in the feed or to create TikTok hashtag challenges - this format is only available on this platform so far and allows you to combine hashtags and influencers, your ad to generate more attention and thereby your brand to spread further. In addition, you can create direct brand over ads and direct the user directly to your landing page with a call-to-action. TikTok therefore offers great potential for your company. A good example of this is RedBull, who advertise themselves through their own TikTok videos and already have almost three million followers.

Lasso - short fun videos

As direct competitor to TikTok launched Facebook Lasso to appeal to the younger target group and to reconnect them to their network. The spread of the platform has so far been kept very low by Facebook, the app is currently not really known and therefore not yet available in Germany. The idea of ​​success can still be explained quite simply: the connection with Facebook and Instagram. In this way, the user can share his videos directly via his story and add it to his feed. The function is currently only available for Facebook, but it will soon be integrated into Instagram. Your company can place advertising here just like on Facebook and Instagram, which means that most ad ads work via the call-to-action buttons and story ads to draw users' attention to your own brand.

Caffeine - Livestream made easy

Caffeine probably doesn't say anything to most of them? until now. The idea behind the platform isn't the latest: like its competitor Twitch, it's one Channel for live streams. The difference: Not only can gamers' screens be streamed, but larger events are also broadcast live for the user. The platform is therefore not only attractive for those interested in gaming, but also for users who like to watch live videos. These are becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger generation. If your company's target group is primarily concerned with Q&A and behind the scenes, Caffeine is the right platform for you to place advertising. You have the option of placing your brand through in-app purchases and thereby acquiring new users for your company.

Steemit - Steem Coins as a cryptocurrency

Steemit works in a similar way to the reddit platform that has been on the market for some time. With Steemit there is one plus point in addition to the content. Instead of normal up & downvotes, you can rate the posts with Steem Coins. With this addition, the platform is already recognized as one of the Leader in the field of cryptocurrency designated. In addition, the user can track the different rates of the other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, in the network. Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more interesting and gives you many new opportunities for development in the field of marketing. On the website Steemit offers three different formats in different price ranges for your ads. All ads are built into the website in the form of banners and are displayed to the target group that matches your company.

Yodel - our (no longer so secret) tip

Yodel is like a anonymous, location-based Twitter. This means that the user can communicate and interact with other people locally and in a meaningful way. The social media channel is anonymous because it doesn't matter where you come from or what you do. Many people from Saudi Arabia and Switzerland are now using the platform. Studies have shown that the majority of users are students. This makes the platform particularly attractive for companies with this potential target group. Jodel offers extensive space for advertising, including display ads, which are important for you if your company wants to get more awareness and branding attention. Another advertising option is the advertising column, which is particularly relevant if your company is to attract local attention and you want to advertise job offers, for example. We would be happy to advise you on what a yodel campaign that suits you might look like. Contact us without obligation.

Facebook - making full use of existing potential

It doesn't always have to be something completely new. You can also reach your target group effectively with Facebook and Instagram - you just have to make the most of existing opportunities. One of the most effective methods is to use Facebook retargeting. Especially in combination with other advertising measures, you can use various channels to target your target group and avoid wastage. You are welcome to read how Facebook retargeting works, or see which retargeting options charly media offers you.


It is noticeable that the social media world is changing. As Facebook is being replaced more and more by Instagram, it cannot be ruled out that Instagram could soon be overtaken by TikTok and that other platforms will join in. The potential of your company in the field of marketing also depends on the development of the platform. The crucial point here is that the target group you are addressing fits your company or that you are ready to adapt to the target group, because only then will your brand stay in the minds of the users. If this is the case, nothing stands in the way of your company to test new campaigns and acquire potential users.