Why did Spotify start adding advertising

Spotify prohibits ad blockers, wants to block users or delete them straight away

Spotify is now the world's largest music streaming provider, also because the company even offers free user accounts that are financed with commercials. So far, this can be bypassed in a relatively simple way, which has now prompted Spotify to take action against ad blockers with new rules - and to threaten their users with blocking their accounts. Update:As Spotify's PR let us know, the new regulations in Europe and Germany have been in effect since mid-August 2018. As in the new regulations for the USA, they prohibit evading advertising with aids. / Update

As the US portal The Vergeberierter, Spotify has now revised its terms of use, including a clause that prohibits the use of ad blockers and other tools to circumvent the commercials played in the free version. If such activities are recognized for a specific user account, the respective account can be blocked or even deleted, it continues.

Avoidance of advertising was often tolerated

Specifically, the wording in Spotify's new terms of use concern the "circumvention or blocking of advertising on Spotify" and the "creation or distribution of tools that are intended to block advertising on Spotify". So far, Spotify has already taken action against all kinds of manipulation attempts, but ad blockers have not yet been explicitly rated as a violation of the terms of use.

In March 2018, Spotify stated that around two million users were using modified versions of the apps or accounts. Even then, action was taken against these users as soon as "abnormal activity" was detected. Those affected each received an email and were able to reactivate their temporarily blocked accounts after removing the ad blockers. In individual cases, accounts have also been blocked.

The new Spotify Terms of Use, which will apply from March 1, 2019, now give the company the option to immediately block users with ad blockers without prior warning. So far, a simple ad blocker as a browser extension has been sufficient, for example to listen to all available pieces of music free of charge via the Spotify web player without ads.

Spotify recently reported a profit for the first time in its 13-year history. The company should therefore have every reason to work towards better monetization of its offer in order to finally meet the expectations of its investors. Infographic: This is how many paying customers Spotify hasDownloadSpotify - music streaming clientOffer, Music Streaming, Spotify, Spotify PremiumSpotify

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