What are the funniest Amazon reviews

The 30 weirdest Amazon reviews ever!

There are people who simply have too much time. The internet of course offers unlimited employment opportunities. Even if you just wanted to order a boring book for university, it can happen that after extensive research you end up with a safety vest for chickens. As if that wasn't enough, there are also the most bizarre reviews for these weird products on top, which are more like a postillon item than a serious customer review. We have put together the creme de la creme of the bizarre Amazon products and the craziest original reviews you've ever read:



1. The Giant knife

The legendary Swiss Army Knife, a real bargain for a mere € 917.88.



Most helpful customer review (original quote from Amazon):

“Basically I am very satisfied with the functions of the Wenger Giant. However, the production standards seem a bit poor to me. So I happened to find a Swiss engineer (Mr. Ing.Meier) between functions # 721 (wrecking ball) and # 722 (ski jumping hill). This was apparently forgotten and locked in during the assembly of the Wenger Giant. The other day when the wrecking ball was unfolded (we are currently tearing down an old warehouse with the Wenger -> works perfectly, the Wenger flattens everything :)) I suddenly heard a "Grüezi". I used the swiveling escape light mast (# 433) to illuminate the space in between and, deep down, discovered Ing. Meier waving. With the help of the load train (# 1011) I was able to rescue Mr. Meier without any problems, but the good man was visibly exhausted and slightly hypothermic. So off to the infrared cabin (# 73) with him and warm up again first. After a delicious cheese fondue (# 973) and a fresh glass of water from the house or knife's own mountain spring (# 244), he was back in strength. Fortunately, the story turned out lightly again, but it's still annoying and shouldn't really happen with a quality product like the Wenger Giant. I and Ing. Meier deduct one point for this.

PS: To be on the safe side, Mr. Ing.Meier and I will scan all gaps again with the radar (# 768), not that other people are included. I would like to encourage all other Wenger Giant owners to do the same. Because one thing has to be clear to you, with a powerful tool like the Wenger Giant comes a lot of responsibility! "