The crusades were fair

Schmoeckel, Mathias, From “just” to “holy war”? Justification of the First Crusades in Canon Law

The Zeitschrift für Rechtsgeschichte (ZRG, also known as the Savigny Journal) represents an integral part of European legal history research, having made a significant contribution to the current state of the discipline.

Each section publishes a new volume per year which includes an article and a literature section, each complemented by a Chronik and Mitteilungen section.

As the youngest section, the Canonical Department is on a par with the others. It follows the history of the church from the beginning, together with its various branches, the Protestant church laws to contemporary legal issues concerning the relationship between the church and state with a particular focus on countries experiencing political upheaval. The extensive traditional material from the church archives illustrates particularly clearly that legal history can never be understood without reference to the specific political and social environment.

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ZRGKis a peer-reviewed scientific journal. All submitted papers are read by at least three peer reviewers. At least one of the reviewers does not belong to the editorial board (double-blind peer review).