Where did you find your wedding photographer

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At best, there is only one wedding in a lifetime. Yeah, call us hopeless romantic! Therefore, you should hold onto them in all their beauty and uniqueness. For this you need the right wedding photographer by your side, who knows exactly which moment to capture and immortalize for all time. A photographer who not only takes pictures, but also really sees people. That doesn't just snap, but captures emotions, moments and the atmosphere of your wedding perfectly. Someone who lets pictures do the talking, tells stories and looks behind the scenes. Who can see through his camera and make the essentials visible. Who manages to preserve your great happiness in a single photo for all time. Phew, does that sound like someone really hard to find? Don't worry, that's what we're here for. Weddingfotograf.com helps you to find the right wedding photographer for your dream wedding.

Countless photographers from all over Germany are waiting for you in our database. Thanks to our sophisticated search function, you can find the best wedding photographers in your area or nationwide, who exactly fit your budget and your wishes. Of course, you can also search directly by name if you have a specific photographer in mind. Every photographer has a detailed profile on which you can get a picture (attention: pun). If you have found several photographers who would be suitable, then simply save them on your watch list and decide later or after personal preliminary discussions. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your wedding, then simply click through the lush photo galleries of our photographers and convince yourself of all the happy newlyweds. Browse through wedding reports and get excited about your own wedding. All of this is free of charge, of course. So register now, because nothing can go wrong with the right wedding photographer. An investment that is not only worthwhile, but also accompanies you for the rest of your life together!