What are some tips for eating honeycomb

Honey extraction

The honeycombs are crushed and then passed through a simple filter construction in which wax and honey separate from each other.

Honey extraction is also demonstrated in detail in the video Extracting honey without a centrifuge.

The honey is extracted from the honeycomb in one closed (bee-proof), dry and odor-free room. Honey easily absorbs odors and draws water out of the air. The warmer the ambient temperature, the faster it goes. At least 24-28 degrees Celsius are ideal. Of course, it can also be done at room temperature. But then it takes longer and a little more honey sticks in the wax.

Crush honeycombs

Take one comb after the other from the storage container and examine the combs carefully for any bees or brood remains. Sometimes individual bees are also stuck in empty honeycomb cells. Remove any bees / brood that may be present by sweeping away, cutting out brood cells or “pulling out” (with the tip of a knife) bees stuck in empty cells.

The honeycomb is then cut from the carrier strip and collected in a honey bucket. There the honeycombs are then chopped very finely. First cut the honeycombs into small pieces with a long, sturdy knife. Then they are “squashed”. The honey stirrer “up and down” is very suitable for this. Or you might find some sturdy household item (e.g. wooden potato masher).

Collect the carrier strips in another bucket. They are later placed again in the honey room, where the bees clean the groin.

Filter honey

The “honey-wax-mush” is then passed through a simple filter construction in which wax and honey separate from each other. Gravity is sufficient for this. Small amounts can easily be filtered with a colander (for pasta). A slightly larger honey filter is more convenient for the honey yield of an entire beehive.

After a few hours, most of the honey has already run out. The filter should be removed after three days at the latest. It is not good to leave the honey open for too long, as otherwise there is a risk that the water content of the honey will increase due to the humidity and the honey will then no longer be storable.

Honey harvest “light” with household appliances

This is the easiest way to get the honey out of the honeycomb:

Tips for accelerating the filtering process or increasing the honey yield

If, after some time, when some of the honey has already dripped out, you tie the filter cloth and hang it up, this speeds up the filtering process considerably.

If you have no way of hanging up the cloth, you can use a household ladder, for example.


A full honeycomb weighs about 2 kg. With the 12 combs in a beehive, the gross harvest weight is around 25 kg when the honey chamber is completely full. You can then expect a net yield of 20 kg of filtered honey. Another 3 kg of honey remain in the wax, which cannot be harvested. The weight of the beeswax is approx. 1 kg.