What is the GST for rail booking

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Where can I see which train connections are available with my MyTrain DB ticket?

Before buying, you can check here whether your desired train connection can be booked with the MyTrain DB ticket. However, we cannot guarantee that your desired train connection will still be available at the time the booking code is redeemed at bahn.de/mytrain. We ask for your understanding.

After purchase, you can redeem your DB booking codes on bahn.de/mytrain on a train journey of your choice. The offer depends on the availability and depends on the capacity utilization of the trains. If no trip is available, simply select a different travel time.

Please understand that we cannot provide any information about the availability of tickets by e-mail.

Can I change, exchange or cancel the MyTrain DB ticket at a later date?

Unfortunately, no. MyTrain DB tickets cannot be changed and cannot be exchanged. If the journey is not started, the MyTrain DB ticket that has been booked expires.

Can I give my MyTrain DB online booking code to other people?

You can give or transfer the DB booking code to friends or acquaintances. However, resale is not allowed.

How do my children travel for free?

Children under the age of 6 generally travel for free and do not need their own ticket.

Children under 15 years of age travel free of charge with a parent or grandparent if you enter this on the ticket when redeeming the DB booking code at bahn.de/mytrain.