Where can I buy guayusa tea

Guayusa tea - the wake-up call from the Amazon

A while ago I went to the Guayusa tea from Guya came across and was immediately very interested. It is a drink similar to mate tea that comes from the Amazon region of Ecuador and neighboring countries. The indigenous people there are from the people of Quechua have appreciated tea for over 2,000 years because of its invigorating effect for example for a nocturnal hunt .. It can be both fresh and dried leaves can be used, but the characteristic taste only develops through drying. Exactly like mate will be Guayusa tea obtained from a species of holly (ilex guayusa).

How does Guayusa tea taste?

I think that's the taste Law difficult to describe leaves and strong differs from most known teas. He doesn’t remind of familiar black tea still on Green tea. The tea is slightly tart, but not bitter. Even if you let the tea steep for too long, it will develop hardly any bitter substances. You could say that it "tastes earthy-green and natural". No additives are added. He is strongly reminiscent of mate tea, but it is significantly milder and very suitable for the European palate.

You can drink the tea unsweetened without any problems, but with a little sugar or honey it tastes even more rounded. For me personally they are Pyramid bags a little too small (or my cups too big) so I prefer that loose tea in a tea strainer.

Guayusa tea - the preparation

The preparation is very easy - even easier than with black tea and green tea. It exists both as loose tea and also ready-packed in tea bags. It is traditionally scalded with hot water. Then the Brew the tea for 5-7 minutes. I recommend a brewing time at the upper end of the scale for the pyramid bags. With my cups, the tea is still extremely thin after only 5 minutes. Even after a long time, the tea does not turn bitter!

Guayusa tea - ingredients and effects

What the Indigenous people of Ecuador found out by just trying it out has now been scientifically proven.Guayusa tea has a very invigorating effect and promotes both mental and physical performance.


  • with approx. 3% about as much caffeine as coffee
  • twice as many antioxidants as green tea
  • L-theanine, theophylline and theobromine
  • high inVitaminsamino acids and Trace elements


  • sustainable increase in physical energy (through the combination of ingredients)
  • Increase in mental energy
  • Antioxidants lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers
  • gentle on the stomach and digestive

Of course, I cannot check this information myself, only mine subjective experience reproduce. The tea definitely makes you awake and active. Whether he looks better or worse than coffee, Energy drinks or a walk in the fresh air I can not judge.


Where can you buy Guayusa tea?

You can easily order the tea on the Drink Guya website. There are either Pyramid bags in different denominations or loose tea available in a resealable bag with a content of 80 grams. As already mentioned, I prefer loose tea because you can dose it according to your personal taste.

At Guya only sustainable cultivation is used Guayusa tea sold. The acreage are no monocultures, rather Mixed cultures with other crops. This means that the use of fertilizers and pesticides can be completely dispensed with. The farmers are paid better than that, for example Fairtrade seal required, they also receive training in organic farming.