People remove people from the friend zone

13 Naughty Ways to Get Out of the Friend Zone in No Time

You have just been taken to one of the worst places you can be: the friend zone. Here's what you can do to get out of the friend zone in no time!

Being in the friend zone is one of the toughest places to go - for many reasons. Not only is it a blow to your ego, but you also can't show as much emotion about it without looking like a crazy person.

Good luck to those of you who are not familiar with the friend zone! But I'll explain it to you: the friend zone is when the person you have romantic feelings for only considers you a friend. This can often prevent someone from expressing their true feelings and maintain a one-sided romantic attraction.

The good thing about the friend zone is that you can be as close as you want to the person you like. The bad thing is that this person may not even know that they are just getting you into the friend zone because they don't know how you really feel!

How to get out of the friendship zone

I'm actually pretty guilty of putting people in the friend zone without a second thought. BUT, I have to blame them because I'm not at least trying to get out. If they went out of their way to tell me how they felt, or if they followed me in any other way, I may have felt differently.

Usually they seemed happy just to be my friend and never tried anything else. Only later did they complain about it. So, we've put together a list of how you can sneak out of the dreaded friend zone!

# 1 Tell them how you feel. They could have put you in the friend zone without knowing that you had feelings for them - which is NOT their fault. If you're in the friend zone by default because you can't muster the courage to tell them, then you have no one but yourself. Who knows? They can have feelings for you too.

# 2 Show them how you feel. If you're not telling them because you're scared or nervous, or whatever lame excuse you have, show them how you are feeling. Pretend you have feelings for her. Tell them that you like their new hairstyle or that the color of their shirt makes them look really good. Do something for them that shows them that you care more than a friend.

# 3 Let her see you in a romantic way. You've probably shown them the more intimate side of you. Now I'm not saying to make out with them or anything. But imagine you are someone's boyfriend or girlfriend.

For example, if they tell you how that person's boyfriend did this, come back and say, "If I had a boyfriend / girlfriend, I would." It makes her mind think about how you are going to treat your significant other.

# 4 Don't let her talk to you as a friend. People don't talk to their friends as they do to their signifiers. Others. If this is your end game, don't let them talk to you like you are their BFF. Don't let her gossip or complain about other love interests. Let them talk about everything BUT important other issues. They will never consider you a possible boyfriend or girlfriend when they talk to you about these issues - trust me.

# 5 Find out why they only like you as a friend and fix it. Maybe you're just treating her like a friend. Maybe they don't consider you compatible. Whatever it is, there is probably a way to work around it. For example, if they don't think you're compatible, you can show them how compatible you two really are.

# 6 Make physical contact every now and then. No I don't want to go hit their butt and tell them they look nice. Not at all. Subtle and nonchalant, you make a point of touching her from time to time. When you make physical contact you will see that you are a little more than friendly.

A great way to do this is to simply pat their back when you get up behind them or touch their shoulder when they have said something funny. Little things that bridge the gap between you will remove you from the friendship zone.

# 7 FLIRT WITH YOU. For the love of all that is sacred, FLIRT WITH YOU! One of the few things that can dissuade someone from liking someone as a friend and liking them more than a friend is flirting. If you flirt with someone all the time, you're sending them a clear message that you like them romantically.

Not only that, but flirting too, you are opening up an opportunity for them to flutter back. This is a great way to exchange some fun conversations that won't draw attention to the fact that you're stuck in the friend zone.

# 8 Make them miss you. One thing that happens a lot in time is that the people who put you in the friend zone don't realize their own feelings. I actually found myself guilty and it was too late for me to have him after finding someone else.

I didn't know I felt like this until he was relatively out of my life. So take a break. Don't be crazy or anything, just be busy. Be busy enough for them to come over to hang out or see what's going on.

# 9 Let them come out of nowhere without shelter. Perfectly placed compliments can go a long way in getting you out of the friend zone. Telling them that they look great wearing dirty clothes shows them that you find them attractive, even if they aren't all finished. You will appreciate that.

Compliments can also help because people ALWAYS feel the need to compliment you - which means that they are looking for something attractive. It literally gives them a reason to look at your best qualities.

# 10 Surprise her with something subtle but cute. Surprising them with something you wouldn't expect to remember is a perfect way for them to see how much you really care, and they will start caring about you because of your kindness.

Bring them their favorite cookies * that nobody else knows, that they love *. This is a perfect way to sneak even more out of the friend zone!

# 11 Do things that you would do for a boyfriend / girlfriend. If you really want to get out of the friend zone then stop acting like you're in. Act like they're your boyfriend or girlfriend. Treat them like you would your significant other and you will be surprised how easily you can slip out of this zone.

# 12 Realize that it may have nothing to do with YOU. Sometimes you like that in the friend zone too, simply because they're not in a place in their life where they can hang out or have someone significantly different. If you notice that and do it back, they will notice and appreciate that, and then who knows? Maybe later on they will remember that you are understanding and they will like you more.

# 13 Just accept friendship. Sometimes when you really want someone to see you as more than a friend, the best way to do it is to just accept that you can't have them. This will make you forget how you act, what you are doing, and you will just be yourself. That could really lead to the person changing himself.

Being in the friend zone doesn't have to be a permanent sentence. If you're trying to get your way out of this dreaded zone, here are 13 tips to help you get out.