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Small restaurant guide

The restaurants in San Francisco offer dishes from the kitchens of almost every country. What you can't find here, I would like to think, you won't find anywhere ... I know, that's exaggerated, but with the huge number of different restaurants, it really does seem like that.

I once started to summarize some of them into a small restaurant guide. You will find many addresses and telephone numbers for the typical kitchens listed in the menu. Some also have a small rating

I wish you a lot of fun choosing your favorite restaurant and in any case already once ...

Good Appetite!

If you have visited a good restaurant yourself and would like to recommend it to others, you can simply send it to me (by e-mail) and I'll post it here in this section.

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Thank you for the good tips on:

Betelnut / Union Street, at Darryl from San Francisco
Fish & Farm / 339 Taylor St, at Frank & Marie from Stuttgart
Floating Sushi Boat / Chinatown, at Monique from Switzerland
Gordon Biersch / 2 Harrison - corner of The Embarcadero Bay Embankment Diederich from Cologne
Hard Rock Cafe / Pier 39, at Luisa from Magdeburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Rainforest Café / Fisherman's Wharf, at Katja from Emsdetten
Swatdee Thai / Noe Valley, at Angelika and Michael from San Francisco - Noe Valley
Rolling mill / Van Ness Ave and Zeitgeist / Valencia Street, at Marlena from Wörrstadt
The Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant 2323 Van Ness Ave, at Thomas from Neuenbrok
Crustacean Vietnamese restaurant on 1475 Polk Street Street Michael F. from Germany
La slide French restaurant on 2316 Polk Street Michael F. from Germany
Applebee's now finally in San Francisco at 2770 Taylor Street Marc H. from Germany

American cuisine

American cuisine varies greatly from region to region and is often fraught with the prejudice that it only consists of fast food such as B. hamburgers or hot dogs.
This is really not the case, because it developed through the influences of the many immigrants and through the different climatic conditions in the different parts of this huge country.
So I particularly like the spare ribs, which are prepared in all kinds of different ways, and they have absolutely nothing to do with fast food ...

Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine is a mixture of food preparation from the many Asian national traditions. This mostly concerns the kitchens of the countries of Southeast Asia and East Asia. So it is a mix of Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Anyway ... I think it's one of the best kitchens in the world and I like it very well.

Chinese Kitchen

There is actually no such thing as Chinese cuisine per se. What we call Chinese cuisine here in Europe is very different in the individual regions of the country. The most famous dishes are mostly prepared in the traditional way of the following regions. These are the regions of Sichuan, Hunan, Canton, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and Zhejiang. Because of the gentle way it is prepared, this cuisine is considered very healthy.

German cuisine

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, too, the way of cooking is very different in the individual regions. In San Francisco you will find some typical German, Austrian and Swiss restaurants that are also very popular with Americans. So two young women from the former GDR simply dared to open a restaurant in which the GDR still lives today. If you want to eat in the "Walzwerk" today, it is best to reserve a table in advance, otherwise you will definitely go to another restaurant ...

French kitchen

The fine, the exquisite, the once best in all of Europe. It's still good, and San Francisco has a wide variety of restaurants serving French cuisine.

Italian kitchen

The Italians have conquered the whole world with their cuisine and offer much more than pasta and pizza. You will find Italian restaurants in every corner of San Francisco and the good ones are not only found in North Beach's "Little Italie". but spread over the whole city.

Children love these restaurants

Even the little ones get their money's worth in San Francisco. There is more than McDonalds and Co. There is, for example, the Rainforest Cafe and Restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf, where you can have dinner with them in the middle of the jungle, or the Bubba Gump at Pier 39. For older "children" there is, also on the pier 39, the Hard Rock Cafe ...

Mexican cuisine

The Mexican cuisine is very widespread in San Francisco due to the large number of Mexican immigrants. That's why you'll find Mexican restaurants like a dime a dozen. I would like to list a few of you here.

Spanish Kitchen

For me, Spanish cuisine is the absolute number one. Fresh salads, vegetables, good meat and excellent fish are just a few of the many ingredients of this particularly light and above all healthy type of culinary art. It is not for nothing that 3 Spaniards are among the top 5 among the 10 best chefs in the world. Spanish restaurants are very popular in San Francisco! You can find some of them here.

Vegetarian cuisine

The meatless kitchen is also enjoying increasing popularity. Meatless cuisine doesn't have to be boring. I like it very much myself and am always surprised how varied and, above all, delicious it is. In San Francisco you will find some of the best restaurants for vegetarians but also for people who like to go without meat and, like me, are not vegetarians.
My recommendation: The vegetarian restaurant Greens in Fort Mason

Fast food restaurants / chains

My listing and the addresses of the well-known and popular fast food restaurants / chains in San Francisco

The sushi restaurants

Sushi is often referred to as a typical Japanese dish and is known all over the world. It is actually just a freshwater fish preservation method developed by the residents along the Mekong River. The gutted and cleaned fish was placed in boiled rice in vessels, where it fermented. The rice, which had become acidic from the fermentation process, was thrown away before the fish was consumed. The fish so pickled, however, could be kept for up to a year. This method of preserving fish is still used today in Thailand and Taiwan.

In the meanwhile very popular in the western countries you can find sushi restaurants, also in San Francisco and where you can find these restaurants, you can find out on this page.

My restaurant hit list

You should never argue about taste, because everyone has their own idea of ​​what is good and tasty. Here is my personal hit list for the restaurants that I liked best in San Francisco.

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