How has exercise changed your life?

Life is movement - dealing positively with changes in life

Do you know that too? Sometimes too much changes all at once and you just want a little more peace and continuity! We'll show you why it's worth it dealing positively with change to be found in life and what it can look like.

Life is movement

The quote "Life is movement“Attributed. Whoever created it was right: movement is one of the main principles of life. Be it our breathing rhythm, our heartbeat or all the constantly renewing and changing cells, the regrowing hair and nails, the muscles or the metabolism - everything is in motion. Even if we think we are lying very still, there is an incredible amount in motion within us. So that this inner movement can run smoothly in the long term, the conscious, active movement of the body necessary. This can be, for example, regular exercise in the fresh air or sport. The positive effects of physical activity have been on everyone's lips for many decades. It is the subject of all sorts of magazines and websites, as well as school education, and is the foundation of an impressively large fitness industry.

Movement in life

This is less often discussed, but just as important as physical exercise mental movement. It is also essential for maintaining health and wellbeing. Every day we are confronted with changes to which we have to react and adapt our behavior. Friends or colleagues decide to move, there is a new construction site in front of the apartment with a corresponding noise level, friends split up or fall in love again and the company you work for moves its headquarters abroad. Sometimes there is so much going on around you that it feels like you can't “keep up”. So you have to move a lot mentallyto respond to the constant movements of his environment.

Change as a challenge

Changes that are actually joyful in our social environment can also mean changes that you first have to get used to. The pregnancy of your best friend, a sabbatical with a long journey for your best friend, the moving in of your roommate with her boyfriend or a marriage of your brother often do not cause you great enthusiasm at first. But a principle of life is movement and change - and so there are also many changes that you did not decide yourself, but which still affect you.

Overstrained by changes

Who doesn't know it: the Wish that everything should just stay the way it is! Sometimes everything moves too fast. You want a little more peace and quiet. Instead of the new neighbor, the new sister-in-law, the new boss or the new baby in your circle of friends, you just want everything to stay as it always has been. The new smartphone, digital television, the new laptop, Instagram, Twitter and Co. can also annoy you.

Positive attitude towards change

Movement is one of the foundations of life. This insight can help when dealing with permanent change. The goal should be To remain open and curious about new things and to be willing to let go of the old. As soon as you try to cling to the familiar and reject new things out of principle or excessive demands, you begin to lose good contact with the world. It will seem less and less like your own. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should find everything unquestioned or join in. But the understanding that change is not "bad" per se and that movement is not necessarily negative restlessness can help to find one's way into the flow of (one's) life. Obstacles and negative changes need to be processed in order to then recognize and accept the positive new things that one encounters.

Coping positively with changes in life

So that changes do not throw you off balance, it is helpful to ground yourself well. For example, yoga can help or an activity that gives you great pleasure, be it sports, making music or something completely different. Also Walks in nature help a lot, to arrive at yourself. You feel at one with nature and can enjoy the positive aspects of changes in life. In a very old tree, for example, you can see a possible way of dealing with the life principle of movement. The tree is in a permanent seasonal change and is exposed to wind, sun and snow. With its strong trunk, it is stable and firm in life, but its flexible branches move with wind and weather. His environment is constantly changing, to which he reacts.

However, if you feel overwhelmed by the changes in life, talking to friends or independent professional help can help. We are happy to support you at any time in dealing with changes in life!

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