What is the best way to learn

5 great learning methods to learn faster

Is there such a thing as a superpower that helps you to learn everything with more ease and faster? Yes there is.

It's called enthusiasm. Perhaps it is not very obvious how enthusiasm can be a good learning method, but I'll show you how I developed a learning method out of it.

Gerald Hüther, a well-known neurobiologist, has found that effective and fast learning can only happen if you are enthusiastic about the topic. He also calls enthusiasm the “super fertilizer” for the brain.

How can you arouse enthusiasm in yourself?

First of all, of course, you can't force yourself to be enthusiastic (be enthusiastic !!!). However, you can think about why the topic is worthy of enthusiasm or let yourself be infected by others who are enthusiastic about the topic. The tax return, for example, is something that many are not so enthusiastic about. However, a friend of mine loves filing tax returns and that has also had a positive effect on me.

You can get excited about pretty much anything once you see the benefits.

When I start learning a new topic, I always try to get excited about the topic first, because I know that it will make learning a lot easier. I succeed in doing this, for example, by watching interviews on YouTube by experts who exude a certain enthusiasm for the topic. After that, it is often much easier for me to get in touch with the topic and to feel the same enthusiasm.

Saint-Exupery has known this learning method for a long time and said:

"If you want to build a ship, don't call people together to make plans, distribute the work, fetch tools and cut wood, but awaken in them the longing for the great, endless sea."

The next time you're learning something that you don't feel very enthusiastic about, try this learning method. See if you can find someone who is enthusiastic about the topic. You will notice that learning is much easier and faster afterwards.