Will PUBG Lite come to Steam

PUBG Lite: Free-to-Play version playable for everyone

The Battle Royale forefather player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) can now be played in a free version with low system requirements. In terms of content, the free-to-play game hardly differs from the purchase version, which costs around 30 euros.

PUBG Lite is to finance itself through a Battle Pass, which is offered in three stages, as well as a premium currency for cosmetic purchases. This premium currency is no longer part of the purchased Premium Battle Pass, so that a new pass cannot be purchased with the activated currency from the previous one.

Almost everything stays the same in terms of play. PUBG Lite is a "Run-and-gun version“Judges Eurogamerwhich offers fewer hiding spots than the Steam version, but is just as exciting. Currently, only two out of three cards can be found in the game. There is also a new team deathmatch game mode for eight players in a warehouse.

Fewer hiding spots for weaker hardware

PUBG Lite can currently be downloaded and played as part of an open beta from the provider's homepage, but the game cannot be found on Steam. The system requirements are well below those of the normal game, which also explains the lack of hiding options: the developers have significantly reduced the vegetation. The texture quality has also been reduced, which is a component of the low storage requirement of only four gigabytes on the HDD.

A Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 with eight gigabytes of RAM and a graphics card with the performance level of a GeForce GTX 960 are required for normal gaming. Thanks to the GPU, such a system calculates significantly faster than the configuration recommended for the Lite game. Only a dual-core processor of the type Intel Core i3 with a low 2.4 GHz clock frequency, four gigabytes of RAM and a slow onboard graphics chip are used.

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