How do smartphones prevent them from becoming overloaded?

Overcharged battery - you have to pay attention to this

In this practical tip you can find out what happens if the battery is overcharged and whether your smartphone can actually be damaged.

Overcharged battery - is that possible?

  • In the past, the so-called nickel-cadmium batteries were used for cell phones. However, that time is long gone. However, some myths still originate from this time, such as burning or exploding cell phones due to overcharged batteries and the notorious memory effect.
  • Today's smartphones are no longer affected because they do not use nickel-cadmium batteries. Almost every smartphone today is equipped with a lithium-ion battery.
  • The lithium-ion batteries were further developed and equipped with a charging circuit. This charging circuit automatically stops the battery charging process as soon as the battery is charged.
  • Because of this, overcharging a smartphone battery is basically impossible these days.
  • Furthermore, there is no memory effect with a lithium-ion battery. Therefore, these batteries have to be charged differently than the nickel-cadmium batteries so that the battery is not damaged.

How to properly charge your lithium-ion battery so that it lasts as long as possible, read in the next post.