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Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a lovingly designed role-playing game that is primarily aimed at a younger target group and is reminiscent of the popular Animal Crossing from Nintendo in terms of appearance and gameplay. In the role of your favorite animal, the game adventure takes you across different continents, where you will always meet new animals. In addition, you devote yourself to furnishing your home so that it is nice and cozy when you invite friends over to you.

Animal Jam is free to play without a download. However, a paid membership is offered that offers some additional services. Parents can find comprehensive information on the provider's website and can use a separate access to get an impression of the child's play behavior in Animal Jam at any time.


  • RPG with cute animal characters
  • equip your animal with different outfits
  • make your home cozy
  • pass the time in mini-games
  • put your knowledge to the test in quiz games
  • without download
  • play for free in the browser

Your journey in the free browser game Animal Jam begins with the creation of an animal avatar. When you've finished your character, you'll start in Jamaa Township. Basically, you don't have to achieve an overall goal or complete quests at Animal Jam. You simply travel through the lovingly designed world of comics from continent to continent.

Various mini-games that you can play with your friends offer you variety. It is often the case that the other players alone decide who will win. In such a game, for example, it can be about "dressing up" your own animal according to specified guidelines. Who has solved the task best is then determined through mutual coordination.

In the course of the game you can learn a lot about animals and their habitat at the free Animal Jam. Visit Tierney's Aquarium or Brady Barr's Lab to learn more about animals. There you will be introduced to new animal species and you can find out in quiz games how much you already know about animals.

Often you can also win things like outfits for your pet or great furniture and furnishings to beautify your home.

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