How was CBSE Class 12 BST paper

CBSE Class 12 boards 2018: Easy Business Studies paper, case studies time consuming

CBSE Boards 2018: The exams for Grade 12 will complete on April 4th. Students can find the entire datesheet for the exams on the official website - cbse.nic. (PTI photo)

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The CBSE class 10, 12 exams started March 5th and over 10 lakh class 12 students turned up for English, that was their first job. A total of 28 lakh candidates are eligible for the exams of both classes. The last paper that appeared for grade 12 students was that of physics. According to the teacher, the overall difficulty of the paper question was higher than last year. The students found it quite challenging and got mixed reactions.

The third major exam was done today by the CBSE, for trade students that was of business studies. Below is the analysis of the entire paper.

With the expected mix of direct and case study questions this year the paper can be categorized as a simple one. The direct questions were also a combination of application-specific questions and high-order thinking skill type questions. Many students were concerned and strained to look at the paper. She said the paper was tightly timed as expected, but the exhaustion was also due to the size of the case studies. They were extremely tedious. “The first fifteen minutes of reading time flew by,” commented many of you.

The considerable amount of time allotted per question was spent in reading the cases and the answers had to be completed within that time frame. Someone with a knowledge of English would not have to face this problem. For an average child who is not well versed in the language, trying to get this type of a paper could be a daunting task.

The exams for Grade 12 will complete on April 4th. Students can find the entire datesheet for the exams on the official website -

Also, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, has suggested that the CBSE, NCERT and other government educational institutions reduce the curriculum by 50 percent. Sisodia, who also made Delhi Education Minister's proposal, will meet at the 65th Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE).

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