How transferable is a Model 3 reservation

Tesla Model 3: The first employee reservations have already been made

We reported a few days ago that Tesla Motors employees could make a reservation for the Model 3 before anyone else. So far, however, it was unclear how far in advance the reservation starts for the employees. However, like a recent post on Reddit shows, the first reservations for the Model 3 are apparently already being received by Tesla Motors.

The creator of the post may be a friend of a Tesla employee to whom the relevant reservation option was transferred. Model 3 is explicitly mentioned in the confirmation message and it can also be seen that a deposit of 1,000 US dollars has been made. In addition, the earliest possible delivery time from the end of 2017 is confirmed again in the confirmation.

In addition to the employees who can order the Model 3 in advance and receive it ahead of time, Tesla Motors will also prioritize existing customers. Anyone who has previously supported the company by buying a Model S or Model X and thus virtually made the Model 3 possible in the first place will also be preferred in production and will receive their Model 3 as a new customer at an earlier point in time.

Reservation confirmation, picture from Reddit user PSGetBeer

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