What makes an NFL cornerback great

The rumor mill is simmering

There are only a few days left until the draft on Thursday night (with us April 30th, 21/02, live on ProSieben Maxx and NFL Network); the rumors are running wild and the Dallas Cowboys are naturally no exception.

The first round pick is of particular interest: As of now, the Dallas Cowboys are allowed to move to position # 10. In recent years the cowboys' movements in the form of trades in the first round have been kept within tight limits.

Right now there are a number of rumors buzzing around the pick of the cowboys in the internet orbit, which is not unusual given the popularity of the franchise. The biggest construction sites are certainly in the defense, which was almost historically bad last year.

The most popular name is therefore also a defender: A whole series of the (later mostly wrong) mock drafts by well-known experts are listed by the cowboys cornerback Patrick Surtain II from the Alabama Crimson Tide. His father played as a cornerback in the NFL for eleven years (with the Dolphins and Chiefs until 2008) and has obviously passed on his good talents. The situation is similar with cornerback Jaycee Horn (South Carolina Gamecocks), who is only marginally lower. His father is Joe Horn, the slightly eccentric former wide receiver who mainly shone at the New Orleans Saints.

Even if the cowboys of tight end Kyle Pitts (Florida Gators) are enthusiastic, they would probably have to jump into the top 5 to be able to secure him. According to Ian Rapoport (NFL Network Insider), this will not happen and is hardly imaginable given the many construction sites in the team and the considerable draft capital that would have to be invested to make the leap forward. Even if you could then show off one of the best attack lines in the league, the defense needs significantly more upgrades.

Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones said at 105.3 The Fan about the debate between Patrick Surtain II and Jaycee Horn: "This is a great debate. I can assure you that there has not yet been a final decision."

You can believe that, but you don't have to. The weeks leading up to the draft are not called the "lying season" for nothing. Often half-truths or falsehoods are spread in a targeted manner in order to conceal the real goals and not to make oneself vulnerable.

In a meeting with those in charge in Dallas, Patrick Surtain said that his toughest job in college was knocking out CeeDee Lamb.

You may be able to watch this high-class duel in the training of the cowboys in the future. Then the Mock Drafts would have been - for once - right.

Carsten Keller - April 24th, 2021

Even if the draft does not take place in the AT&T Stadium this time, the tension in Dallas could hardly be greater (© Carsten Keller)

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