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A US designer has aptly summarized the organizational structure and management principle of six American IT companies.

The chart goes through the net every now and then - as was the case this week by the German Silicon Valley investor Konstantin Guericke via Twitter. And every time I have to smile, after all, he more than aptly summarizes the organizational structure and thus also the underlying management principle of no less than six American IT groups.

The diagram dates back to 2011 - but is as up-to-date as ever: Because it doesn't matter whether it is the Google management trio of Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt, the mutually interfering divisions at Microsoft or the Oracle legal department, including the affiliated ones IT business - the designer Manu Cornet really hit the mark with the characteristics of the high-tech giants.

Now you just have to design the comparable charts for German providers such as SAP or Rocket Internet - I would think of something ...

Source: Konstantin Guericke / Twitter.

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