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Practical tip Would, would have, timing chain

Diagnostic stories that life writes: How a broken and supposedly repaired ACF valve led to the replacement of camshafts, camshaft adjusters, chains and many other things as well as days of troubleshooting.

A workshop had overhauled the engine of a Mercedes-Benz E200 (type W212, engine M271 Turbo). After this overhaul, however, it ran poorly and regularly made a fault memory entry. At the end of the day, at a loss, the company took the Benz to engine and diagnostic specialist Burkard Wild (www.wild-motoren.de). “First of all, we read out the fault memory and deleted the fault that related to an incorrect position of the inlet camshaft. Then we started the engine. It ran around for two seconds, then shook itself briefly, and immediately afterwards the MIL lamp lit up again, ”reports Wild.

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