India is secretly preparing for war

The jihadist troops of the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) gathered and trained by Turkey in northern Syria are increasingly becoming Turkey's international mercenary army. After deployments in Libya, Azerbaijan, Artsakh, Yemen and South Kurdistan, SNA mercenaries on the Pakistani side are now to be sent to Kashmir to fight against India. While Artsakh was about Pan-Turkist goals, Erdoğan tried pan-Islamism again in Kashmir. According to ANF research, the commander of the SNA militia "Sulayman Shah Brigades", Muhammed Abu Amsha, announced five days ago to members of his militia in the occupied city of Şiyê near Afrin that the Turkish state intends to relocate units of the troops to Kashmir. He said that Turkish officers had asked him and the other SNA commanders to list names of volunteers. Each volunteer would receive an initial $ 2,000. Sources report that there have been similar recruiting activities for a Kashmiri operation in Azaz, Jarablus, Bab and Idlib. The volunteers would then be secretly taken out of the country.

The Turkish state is on the side of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan, in turn, like Qatar, supports the Turkish occupation of northern Syria. The Turkish state news agency AA is trying to drum for the war in Kashmir at the moment, similar to the Arzach invasion.

The cashmere conflict is boiling

Turkey's irregular troop relocation comes at a time when tension between the nuclear powers India and Pakistan is mounting. Mutual artillery attacks have been taking place in Kashmir since November 13th. At least 13 people have died and dozen injured on both sides. The fighting takes place on the 740-kilometer border between the Pakistani-controlled “Azad Kashmir” and the Indian-controlled “Jammu Kashmir”. In the past five days alone, three Indian soldiers and three Pakistani-backed insurgents have been killed.

Kashmir has been divided between India and Pakistan since 1947. There are always warlike escalations between the two countries. Mostly it is about the Kashmir region. In particular, the Muslim majority of the population of Jammu Kashmir is fighting against Indian supremacy. The Indian ruling party BJP represents an aggressive Hindu nationalism and incites against Muslims. This supplies ammunition to Islamist groups and Pakistan. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed in the war for Kashmir, which has been going on for 30 years.

Close ties between Turkey and Pakistan

Relations between Pakistan and Turkey have grown closer and closer in recent years. Together, Pakistan, Turkey and Qatar recently took action against France under the pretext of the "Mohammed cartoons". In 2019, Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan had already agreed to set up a joint television channel for the "global fight against Islamophobia". In February, Turkish Communications Minister Fahrettin Altun said that Pakistan and Turkey are aiming to strengthen economic cooperation by increasing trade to $ 5 billion by 2023. Altun added that the two countries would work together on several areas, including defense and energy.

The Turkish state has also campaigned for recognition of the Turkish-occupied northern part of Cyprus in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In November, Erdoğan-affiliated media declared that "after the success in Karabakh", Northern Cyprus will also be "recognized by friendly countries". In this context, the new President of the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, is expected to make a “recognition visit” to Pakistan, Libya and Azerbaijan in the near future.