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India north or south - a country like a fairy tale

India north or south? To help you make a decision, we have an overview of the main differences between India's north and south compiled. Regardless of what you ultimately decide, we look forward to planning your trip to India individually with you.

A huge subcontinent

It is not an easy task to put together a single trip that brings visitors closer to all facets of India. The country is too big, too different, too diverse. Despite many years of experience, ours also have toIndia experts from time to time they work hard until they have created the perfect trip for our guests. However, there is one thing we have to say again and again: no matter how long the journey takes, it will never be long enough! India is just so exciting that you want to come back again and again.

Each region has its own culture, cuisine and history. The North: These are bright colors, the splendor of the Mughal Empire, lived spirituality and an overall faster pace of life. The South, the leisurely waters and the lush green landscapes, on the other hand, is slower and more relaxed. As far as the country is concerned, so are the possibilities open to you. Climate and weather in India are different depending on the region, in the south it is tropical in the north it varies between the deserts of Rajasthan and the plains of the north.

India north or south - where should the journey go?

So now it comes to mind, this difficult question: India north or south? There is no such thing as “better” or “nicer”, everything revolves around personal preferences and what you would like to experience. In the following, let us reveal some India travel tips from our experts, which should show you a way out of this tricky dilemma.

The north of India

On trips to North India you will experience India as you know it from film, television and magazines.

The Golden Triangle is perfect for beginners in India

In terms of culture, the north is a real gold mine, especially the region called the Golden Triangle - this is where most of India's well-known attractions are located. Visit the vibrant capital of Delhi - India's premier foodie address - and Agra, where you can meet the Taj Mahal a symbol of eternal love awaits. And of course there is also the living Rajasthan, land of kings, with his Capital Jaipur and the almost endless number of imposing monuments.

And that's not all, we're just getting started!

We love to take our guests to magical places off the beaten path: For example rural, authentic Rajasthan. Excellent specialties of Indian cuisine and gorgeous palace hotels await you here.

What else to expect in northern India:

  • The mighty Himalayas with the awesome Mount Everest
  • The remote Ladakh with its Tibetan monasteries
  • The Golden Temple in Amritsar, religious center and architectural jewel
  • The banks of the majestic Ganges River in the spiritual Varanasi

Further North India highlights:

  • Impressive national parks
  • Holi, the colorful spring festival
  • Khajuraho, where passion is not a sin
  • The magnificent Calcutta that you can explore with the historic tram

The food is different from the rest of India: there are many dairy products and influences from Chinese cuisine. At Street food stalls Spicy dishes and an unimaginable selection of specialties await you.

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The south of India

The most noticeable difference on trips to South India is probably the climate - it is more tropical, humid and warmer than in the north. The rhythm of everyday life is slower and more relaxed here. Far and wide no trace of the hustle and bustle that characterizes the north of India.

The south has its own culture and identity, life here is slower and more relaxed

For that, see South India fantastic beaches, a species-rich fauna, gently babbling rivers and outstanding examples of colonial architecture.

Goa not only has the famous dream beaches to offer, but also impressive beachesacral buildingsreminiscent of the Portuguese past.

Or fire up ambitious fighters during exciting ones Snake Boat Race from Kerala and let the gentle waves lull you to sleep on a houseboat.

What else to expect in the south of India:

  • The ruins of the village of Hampi, of outstanding importance for world history
  • Make a dream come true and spend the night in a tree house surrounded by the coffee plantations of northern Kerala
  • Visit Dubare Elephant Camp and help wash the friendly pachyderms
  • The Andaman Islands, an idyllic and unspoiled island paradise
  • Nagarhole Wildlife Park, where you can see elephants, tigers and the rare Gaure

Watch the sunset and the rising moon over the sea at the same time? In Kanyakumari is that possible! This surreal natural spectacle at the southern tip of India can be observed during the full moon phase in April.

The climate in the south is warm and humid, with sometimes heavy rainfall. People are darker in complexion than people in the north.

In the SSouth Indian cuisine Chilies, spices, coconut and tamarind are used generously. Karnataka is known for its delicious seafood, while Pondicherry's regional cuisine offers a taste of the French influence.

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