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Lenovo Moto G4 Plus smartphone review

In terms of design language, the Lenovo Moto G4 Plus remains true to its predecessor, but there are of course minor updates. In the G4 Plus, the square fingerprint sensor takes the place of the lower speaker, and the camera module on the back is a bit more discreet. What has remained is the round shape with no real corners, which means that the smartphone is still very comfortable to hold. The smartphone is still completely made of plastic, but no longer waterproof like its predecessor, but only splash-proof. Lenovo has conducted customer surveys to find that "water resistance" is simply not an important feature.

The case is now a little thinner again, the maximum height is 9.8 millimeters. Compared to other devices, this is OK, but the Huawei P9 Lite is significantly slimmer. The weight of 155 grams is still comparatively low when you look at the comparison devices.

The back can be removed, giving you access to the two SIM slots and the micro-SD slot, which are conveniently all separate from each other. Once again, the battery cannot be replaced, but this time it is clearly recognizable.

It gets exciting when it comes to customizability: in normal stores you can only get the Moto G4 in boring black or white, but the Moto Maker can be found on Motorola's website, with which you can customize your smartphone. So you can choose between a white or black front. Eight different shades of color are available for the back, including red, black, white, pastel green, pink and various shades of blue. You can combine gold, gray, silver, blue or pink accents that affect the frame around the camera, for example. Finally, the device can be decorated with an individual engraving and a personal greeting can be set up.