How can I befriend someone on Facebook

You shouldn't allow yourself this Facebook faux pas

It only happened again recently. I received a Facebook friend request from someone I don't know. I don't like this Facebook friend request button because you can't add any personal words to the request. There are supposed to be people who have difficulty remembering names and faces (no, luckily I'm not one of them), but these people do exist. It is nice if you get a brief hint from the person making the request, where you know each other from and why you are making the contact request. Xing solves contact requests better by adding a short text the length of an SMS.

Well, this option does not exist on Facebook. So now I got this friend request and as a rule I only accept requests from people with whom I have had contact in some way before. But it also happens that someone tries to get in touch with me via such a friendship request, e.g. because he or she has a question about social media. It would of course not be a good idea to reject this request.

What was so funny about the friend request last week?

First, this profile had no real name. But it wasn't now Minnie Mouse or Anni Kawho wanted to make friends with me, but the name looked like it was a company profile for a stationary business. This was also confirmed when I took a closer look at the postings and saw how many friends the profile had and what it was posting.

1. Facebook error: You are violating the real name requirement

According to the Facebook terms and conditions, to which everyone automatically agrees, the Facebook profile must have a real name and not have a fancy name. I know that many shy away from using her name. But you have to know that your profile can be deleted by Facebook under certain circumstances, as it violates their regulations. It can really happen even if there are still a lot of profiles with fantasy names on Facebook. With the deletion of the profile, the access to your Facebook page is also gone, if you should manage a Facebook page and that would be quite annoying.

However, a second mistake was made with this profile.

2. Facebook error: The Facebook profile is used for business purposes (therefore no real name)

The profile is used for business. But there are the Facebook fan pages for this. Here, too, there is a risk that Facebook will delete the profile because it is being used improperly. With almost 2,000 friends who currently have the profile, that would be quite annoying. After all, it takes a fair amount of time to build so many Facebook friendships. Therefore, please make sure to set up a Facebook page if you want to use Facebook in a professional environment.

And if that wasn't enough, there was another mistake afterwards.

Just a click away. Please confirm the link that I just emailed you.

3. Facebook error: No sooner has the friend request been confirmed than the invitation to like the Facebook page follows

After some hesitation about confirming Facebook friendship with this quasi-corporate Facebook profile, I did. I didn't do it silently, instead I sent a Facebook message after the confirmation and thanked you for the friend request. I also expressed my amazement why I was asked for this Facebook friendship. No Answer. Not until today. In return, I immediately received an invitation to like the Facebook page. Dear people, it doesn't work like that, but not at all!

So there is also a Facebook page for the local store with significantly fewer fans than the Facebook profile has friends. I know that it is customary for many to invite the new contacts to the Facebook page shortly after the friendship has been confirmed.

But you just don't do that, especially not if the friend request was only intended to indirectly win new fans for the fan page. In this case, the profile could even be reported to be a spammer. It would be pretty certain that the profile would be deleted, because we remember errors 1 and 2.

Score with your content on your Facebook page and invest the time in the content and not in friend requests. Then every now and then share a contribution from your fan page on your personal profile (which has a clear name) and it will also work with the fan build-up.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact me!

Featured image: depositphotos © zamuruev