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Nepal for mountaineers and those interested in culture

Every outdoor fan is familiar with them: the mountain giants Annapurna and Mount Everest. The “roof of the world” is the dream travel destination for sporty mountaineers. But Nepal's charm also lies in the paradisiacal trekking routes to lesser-known peaks below the 8,000 mark and exciting cultural assets of Buddhism and Hinduism.

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Where do you go in Nepal?

Himalaya - did you know?

Annapurna I and Mount Everest are among the highest peaks in the world with a height of over 8,000 m. It is not without reason that the Himalayas are also called the “roof of the world”. You don't have to be a mountaineer to benefit from the wonderful panoramic views of the Annapurna region and Mount Everest. There are popular trails of varying difficulty and height requirements to enjoy gigantic views of the Himalayas.

Annapurna cozy and much more

Wow - you won't forget this picture anytime soon! The spectacular view of the Annapurna region at sunrise from Sarangkot. A fantastic world of peaks surrounds you at an altitude of 1,540 m. Travel to the highlights of Nepal and let cultural treasures and the impressive nature work on you. The Annapurna region can also be explored excellently without any sporting ambitions. On foot during moderate hikes, by jeep or in a canoe, you will experience Nepal's impressive diversity.

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One of the most famous trekking areas in Nepal

During this trip you are guaranteed wonderful panoramic views. Surround yourself with the most famous peaks of the Himalayas and enjoy quiet paths in the Annapurna and Everest regions. Two unknown trekking routes lead you partly into areas that hardly any other hiker strays into. On this trip you will stay in good, typical accommodation. Our insider tip: the Hananoie eco-lodge with a view of Annapurna.

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To the Mount Everest base camp

Are you looking for your mountain hiking challenge in Nepal? Then trek to the most famous base camp in the world. You walk past monasteries and Sherpa villages to the foot of the highest peak on earth. From the Kala Patthar viewing peak (5,620 m) you can enjoy what is probably the most spectacular summit panorama: Mount Everest is within your grasp! Our tip: Travel in April to experience the famous local expedition events.

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Nepal in combination with other countries

Countries of the Himalayas

Nepal alone is not enough for you? Would you like to experience more and be able to compare the different facets of the Himalayan states? Then travel in the footsteps of happiness through Bhutan and Nepal or explore the natural and cultural highlights between Delhi and Kathmandu. What is your next Himalayan dream like?

Bhutan & Nepal

Be on the trail of happiness and look forward to dreamy landscapes and authentic encounters in Bhutan. In addition to visiting the famous tiger's nest, you will cook with a Bhutanese family and get an impression of why the people of Bhutan are so happy. At the beginning and end of the trip you will explore Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

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India & Nepal

Travel to the natural and cultural highlights between Delhi and Kathmandu. Interesting details about Hinduism and Buddhism and six UNESCO sites await you. The temples, forts and palaces, in which the magic of India is reflected paired with the peaks of the Annapurna group, in whose face we hike the Himalayas of Nepal, give you a vacation that you will not soon forget.

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