Why does wind cause delays at airports

Long waiting times at the airport - Storm in Berlin - airports and S-Bahns affected

A thunderstorm with heavy rain caused disruptions at both airports in Berlin. "Some airlines had to cancel flights due to bad weather," said a spokesman for the airport company of the German press agency with a view to Tegel Airport. Several hundred passengers were affected there. In particular, flights to Munich and Frankfurt / Main were canceled. Passengers were asked to check with their airlines.

Schönefeld Airport was also affected by the thunderstorm. Due to strong winds, the handling had to be stopped temporarily. “If the wind is too strong, we are not allowed to use all vehicles. That is regulated by law, "added a spokesman. However, dispatch could be resumed in the evening.

Water damage and lightning strikes

After several lightning strikes, there were also delays and train cancellations on S-Bahn lines 1, 2, 25 and 26 on Thursday afternoon, as the train announced. In the district of Lichtenrade, the roof of an apartment building also burned. In the opinion of the emergency services, the fire was very likely caused by a lightning strike.

There were several fire brigade operations in the afternoon. A fire department spokesman was initially unable to say whether these were directly related to the storm. Water damage has been reported, which according to the information could not yet be named more precisely.

Warning of forest fires in the capital

Despite the heavy rainfall, the Senate Department for the Environment continues to warn of forest fires in the capital. It was said to have burned on several bathing lakes in Berlin and on two forest areas outside the city area. The fire on the lakes was put out just in time. On the other hand, on the two forest areas, which are located in Prenden near Wandlitz and Ützdorf (both Barnim), the forest burned on two hectares.

“Smoking in the forest is no trivial matter. We only have this one forest and we would like to preserve it, ”said a spokesman for the Senate Administration. Anyone who violates the smoking and fire ban can expect a fine of up to 50,000 euros. Just lighting a cigarette costs at least 100 euros fine, according to the Senate administration.

Lightning strike causes fire in Oberhavel

At 3:41 p.m. a fire in Hohen Neuendorf (Oberhavel) was reported to the fire brigade control center in Eberswalde. There, lightning had struck at Naturstein GmbH in Gewerbestrasse and caused a fire. However, comrades from the voluntary fire brigades from Hohen Neuendorf and Birkenwerder were able to extinguish the flames quickly. People were not harmed.

A fallen tree had previously been reported from Hohenbruch at around 1:50 p.m. In Liebenberg, too, according to information from the control center, fallen trees had to be removed in the afternoon. Otherwise, according to those responsible, the consequences of the announced storm front would have been limited.

From MAZonline / dpa