Who is your favorite skillet member

Megalanias veteran

1.) Your name: sach i net ^^

2.) Birthday: July 31st, 1996

3.) Nickname: Megalanias

4.) Which perfume do you use: Does deodorant also count? ^ .-

5.) Favorite shampoo: I don't have it

6.) Favorite color: dark blue

7.) Best friends: Felix, Thomas, Mattis, Lea

8.) Small description of the person: I am ..... just ask yourself ^^

9.) Profession: TERMINATOR ne mmmh, I'd say student

10.) Animals: dog

11.) When was the last time you showered: this morning ^^

12.) What colors are the pants that you are wearing right now: Blue, I think maybe black too -, -

13.) Favorite music genre: METAAAALL: D

14.) Hobbies: Stand up

15.) Dream car: ..mmh difficult

16.) Smoker or non-smoker: non-smoker

17.) Toothpaste: ... Colgate?

18.) Favorite food: Crêper

19.) Do you live with your parents: who knows: D

20.) Favorite ice cream: banana ^^

21.) Favorite drink: milkshake

22.) When do you go to bed: When I feel like going to bed

23.) Favorite shoes: .... Feet that are too big and growing too fast for something like that ^^

24.) Favorite song: Skillet Monster
25.) Favorite website: Youtube

26.) Favorite subject at school: chemistry / biology

27.) The subject you hate the most: religion

28.) Favorite sport you watch: None at all ...

29.) Most terrible or annoying person you know: Kirsten xD

30.) Favorite vacation destination: France ^^; Japan

31.) Piercing or tattoos: maybe ^^

32.) Whole milk or long-life: both ^^

33.) Single or "Out of print": Single

34.) Simple or complicated: It depends, rather complicated ^^

35.) Law or anarchy: anarchy with a touch of law

36.) Writing or reading: Both

37.) Sunrise or sunset: setting

38.) Are you for sex before marriage: ^ - ^

39.) Get up late or wake up late: get up late ^^

40.) What is more romantic, bathe or shower: bathe

41.) Leather or a knitted wallet: leather

42.) Which comes first, work or pleasure: pleasure

43.) Emerald or Ruby: emerald

44.) Restaurant with candlelight or picnic in the moonlight: Picnic in the moonlight with candles ^^

45.) Left or Right: Middle ^ .-

46.) Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream: Vanilla

47.) Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise: ... Leonardo da Vinci ^^

48.) Green beans or carrots: both

49.) Cat or dog: dog

50.) Half-empty or half-full: Half-empty

51.) Mustard or ketchup: Both, taste great together

52.) Daily newspaper or magazine: both

53.) Sandals or sneakers: sandals

54.) Have you ever been a victim of a crime: more or less ^^

55.) Hug or kiss: Kiss ^^

56.) Height: 1.90

57.) Shoe size: 49

58.) Hair color / length: Brown? slightly shorter than shoulder length

59.) Eye color: green, gray

60.) Accesoirs: My watch ^^

61.) Your definition of love: butterflies in your stomach

62.) Siblings: one brother (smaller)

63.) If I had 3 wishes: mind reading, flying and superpowers

64.) Favorite abbreviations: cu, wmds and rofl / lol

65.) Favorite number: 42

66.) The most romantic thing that has ever happened to you: I kissed my girlfriend in the cinema ^. ^

67.) StarWars or StarTrek: StarWars

68.) Which song are you listening to at the moment, or which was the last one: Blind Guardian, Valhalla

69.) Your opinion on Bill Gates: n00b

70.) What's right next to you: My mini library

71.) What color is your computer desk: light wood

72.) What are the last 4 digits of your telephone number: xy33

73.) Duplo: The longest piece that nobody needs

74.) What is your favorite radio station: BigFM

75.) What are the strangest names you've ever heard: Imo

76.) Last film you saw (in the cinema): The Hunger Games

77.) If you were a chalk, what color would you be: Colorful with a touch of gray-black

78.) Where do you want to spend your honeymoon: Around the world

79.) Who do you want to marry at the moment and spend the rest of your life with him: we'll see ^^

80.) Last book that you read: The Swarm by Frank Schätzing

81.) Do you have a pager (Quix, Scall, ...): Nop

82.) Do you have a lava lamp: no

83.) How many people are on your buddy list: 32

84.) What is the weather like right now: cold but beautiful ^^

85.) What did you do last night: Played Minecraft ^^

86.) Last person you spoke to on the phone: my best friend

87.) Who are you talking to online right now: a lot of people

88.) What is your name backwards: Sanoj

89.) What is your computer background: Have over 300 different ones

90.) What do you look at first when you are of the opposite sex: what I like best :)

91.) What are you doing tomorrow: Go to sebi ^^

92.) Who do you admire most: Block_Fortress

93.) Backstreet Boys: KK

94.) How many CDs do you have: about 20

95.) What was the last CD you bought: Disturbed - Asylum

96.) What is your favorite song at the moment: Monster by Skillet

97.) Soda: hmmh

98.) Cola or Pepsi: Colaaa

99.) How many children do you want: 2/3

100.) How many boys / girls: one boy, one girl, maybe another girl

101.) Have you ever been in love: Sure

102.) When was the last time you cried: a long time ago

103.) What is the first thing you will remember in your life: a birthday of my grandpa

104.) Who were you in love with last: a girl: D

105.) Are you currently in love: No.

106.) Who are you currently in love with: Nobody

107.) How do you feel at the moment: Tired

108.) What are you thinking: hmmm what should I do now ...

109.) Who is your best online friend: Alexander and Firetailor

110.) Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes

111.) Do you believe in God: No, I'm an atheist

112.) What do you usually eat for breakfast: rolls

113.) Do you like blind dates: Yes: D

114.) What is your favorite TV show: How i met your mother

115.) What is your favorite film: Avatar Departure for Pandora

116.) What is the best CD you have: Disturbed - Asylum

117.) What is the most embarrassing CD you have: none ^^

118.) Who is the smartest person you "know": My best friend

119.) Who is the coolest person you know: mettie

120.) Who is the stupidest person you know: Kirsten

121.) Who is the funniest person you know: Felix

122.) What is your favorite country: Japan

123.) Do you believe in miracles: No.

124.) How many pillows do you sleep with: 2 ^^

125.) What is your favorite perfume (E.d.C., ...)? on the other sex: everything that smells good
126.) What is the worst feeling: hate, love

127.) What is the best feeling: friendship

128.) What are your favorite names (guys):

129.) What are your favorite names (girls): Lucy, Lilith, Andrea

130.) Who was the first person you fell in love with: a girl in grade 2

131.) What is everything under your bed: all sorts of xD

132.) How was your weekend: Awesome ^^

133.) Your favorite sport: swimming, throwing frisbee, basketball, boxing, kung fu

134.) What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen: The rising sun behind some clouds

135.) The first thing you think of when you hear the following words ...

- School: teacher

- Talk shows: corrosive

- Shopping: ohhh dear

- Friends: the best ^^

- Chocolate: delicious

- Winnie the Pooh: lol

- Day or night: night

- Winter or Summer: Summer

136.) Who is your favorite actor: xD

137.) Favorite movie quote: "Flee you fools!"

138.) How many questions in this text are meaningless: 3.14159265

139.) Have you ever slept with a boy / girl: No.

140.) Do you believe in an afterlife: No.

141.) Who is the ugliest person you know: something is relative

142.) What is your favorite school subject: ....

143.) What is your favorite brand: s.Oliver

144.) How many concerts have you been to now: 5

145.) The last concert you were at: Fantastichen Vier

146.) Your favorite flower: sunflower

147.) What is your favorite animal: snake

148.) What do you wear while sleeping: boxer shorts

149.) Who did you get the last text from: Felix

150.) How did you find the survey: always refreshing

152.) You notice that a number is missing

153.) It struck you that I wanted to tell you that you should really read them all carefully

p.s .: It was number 151