Can lavender be used as a condiment

Lavender flowers as a spice: tips

Lavender is mainly used in French, Spanish and Italian cuisine. Lavender flowers as a spice can fulfill a wide variety of functions. Read more about the aromatic spice.

Aromatic and tasty: lavender in the kitchen

Almost everyone knows the spicy, aromatic, almost floral scent of lavender. If you think of the plant or even smell it, you often see images of blue-violet lavender fields in Provence. Contrary to popular belief, lavender does not taste sweet as a spice, but tart and bitter. The combination of a sweet smell and a bitter taste note is able to create an extraordinary aroma.

However, not all lavender is the same, as there are differences between the individual varieties. In addition, dried lavender flowers, for example, taste different than fresh ones. As a rule, real lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is used as a spice in the kitchen.

Tip: Only season with organically grown lavender. Organic lavender is free from pesticide or herbicide residues. Treated lavender from the garden center is usually not suitable for consumption.

Versatile: lavender flowers

The easiest way to use lavender in the kitchen is to refine dishes with dried lavender flowers. Simply sprinkle the dried flowers over hearty dishes or salads. But lavender can also be used fresh as a spice. In addition to the lavender flowers, the soft shoots and young leaves are also suitable for this. Another nice thing is a lavender herb salt.

Tip: Mix the flowers, whether dried or fresh, into the cake batter, for example. Lavender is similar to rosemary in terms of taste, so you can try flavoring some recipes with lavender instead of rosemary. By the way: Lavender is an integral part of the Herbes de Provence herbal mixture and is particularly suitable for refining Mediterranean dishes.