Is Sunil Chhetri signed for Juventus

Oops, what's going on here?

After a day you go to the forum and see a discussion here. First of all, you're spamming around here, which of course I can understand. Where else :)
I see it in a very similar way to most of the people. I've only been there for a short time and since you don't really want to read through the over 100 pages, you don't know which rules etc. exist. I have to admit that in the beginning I also posted a lot of questions etc. After the user with the Palermo career (Sry. Don't know what your name is ) has published a post, however, I also stopped. I really hope that things will get better here soon. Otherwise I would think the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a new thread would not be bad :) And to the many careers that some start. The problem is simply that when you start with a completely new team, the fun goes very quickly with minor failures. I know that very well and I understand. Then Fifa bugs around, or the often-mentioned patch and then another career is ruined. Furthermore, some here want to introduce the readers to new teams, which then, however, play in a boring league that becomes noticeable after a while. well is complicated. I wanted to give up my snef, because I really like to read the careers here :)

best regards

PS: I think I am now also writing in the new forum and wanted to ask whether you would like me to post my previous reports with Mianz again, or just continue. Wine answer would be great, would like to continue :)