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Internet Programming Languages: The Best Languages ​​for the Web

The dynamic, object-orientedScripting language has nothing to do with Java, despite its name, apart from the fact that both are based on C. Netscape developed JavaScript in 1995, initially under the name LiveScript, with the vision of expanding HTML and CSS, thereby enabling programmers to evaluate user interactions and present content dynamically. Today JavaScript is not only used in Web browsers used, but also in Microcontrollers and up Servers. The name JavaScript only arose from the popularity of Java, which they wanted to build on at the time. With great success: Today the best-known websites almost without exception use JavaScript as the programming language of choice on the client side. There are also extensive frameworks and libraries for JavaScript.

The programming language is dynamically typed and classless. It gives programmers the choice of object-oriented, procedural or functional programming, making it an extremely adaptable programming language. This is particularly evident in web browsers: JavaScript can be used, among other things. Manipulate websites dynamically, validate form entries before transferring them to the target server, switch dialog boxes and integrate download and upload scripts. Also for that Online marketing JavaScript has become indispensable because numerous Advertisements are programmed with it. With the language you can also Cookies read out and described what makes modern marketing strategies such as targeting possible. In short, JavaScript helped shape the modern Internet and is an integral part of today's web experience.