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2 Dear guests, we look forward to welcoming and pampering you in our house. We are your hosts and would like to create an atmosphere in these historic walls that invites you to linger with a good drop of wine and the delicacies of our house. The best ingredients are freshly prepared by us every day and combined into extraordinary delights. We interpret the old and the new. We only use products that correspond to our quality ideals. Enjoyment takes time, which is why all dishes are freshly prepared for you. Should there be waiting times for this reason, we ask for your understanding. If you are in a particularly hurry, please inform the service staff so that the kitchen can react accordingly. Do you have any suggestions, do you want to praise or criticize us? Please talk to us so that we can improve. All employees in front of and behind the scenes wish you pleasant moments and bon appetite.

3 BEVERAGES Aperetifs Sherry & Port Vermouth Water Juices & Spritzer Cola Specials Lemonades Beer Enjoyment Herbal Liqueur Brandy Spirits Grappa Marzadro Tequila Vodka Rum Brandy Whiskey Coffee specialties & tea Additives and allergens Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 3

4 APERETIFS Alcoholic Aperol Spritz 1, M 7.00 Hugo 4, M 7.00 Blueberry Hugo 2, 4, 17, M 7.50 Bellini 2, 4, 17, M 9.00 Train to Milano 1 6.50 Lillet Noël 10, M 7.00 Lillet Berry 4, M 6.50 Alcohol-free Bitter 1.2, F, M 5.50 Hugo 4, M 5.50 SHERRY & PORT WINE Lustau Fino Jarana Very Dry M 5cl 5.50 Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Medium Dry M 5cl 5.50 Lustau Deluxe Cream Capataz Andres M 5cl 5.50 Taylor s Fine Ruby Port M 5cl 5.50 Taylor s Select Reserve Port M 5cl 5.50 WERMUT Belsazar White M 5cl 6.00 Belsazar Rosè M 5cl 6 , 00 Belsazar Red M 5cl 6.00 Belsazar Dry M 5cl 6.00 4

5 WATER Elbers Quelle carbonated 1l 4.90 Elbers Quelle still 1l 4.90 Apollinaris still 0.25l 2.40 Apollinaris still 0.25l 2.40 JUICES & SCHORLEN Fruit juices from Möller Apple, orange and pineapple 0.3l 3, 10 Nectar from Möller Banana, passion fruit, cherry and currant 0.3l 3.10 as a spritzer 0.3l 3.00 0.5l 3.70 KiBa 0.3l 3.10 Cherry nectar with banana nectar COLA SPECIALS We have something especially for you, just try something new.



8 TEQUILA Olmeca Blanco 2cl 2.90 Olmeca Gold 2cl 2.90 VODKA Skyy 4cl 4.50 Gray Goose 4cl 6.50 Belvedere Pure 4cl 7.00 RUM Bacardi Oakheart 1 4cl 5.00 Havana Club Añejo 7 Años 1 4cl 6.00 Don Papa 1 4cl 6.00 Ron Botucal Reserva Exclusiva 1 4cl 6.50 Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Sistema Solera 1 4cl 7.50 BRANDY Asbach private brandy 8 years 2cl 3.80 Hennessy VS 2cl 4.50 Remy Martin VSOP 2cl 4.50 WHISKEY Bourbon Four Roses 4cl 4.50 Bulleit 4cl 6.00 Gentleman Jack 4cl 6.50 Woodford Reserve 4cl 7.50 Canadian Canadian Club 1 4cl 4.50 Old Canada 1 4cl 6.50 Irish Jameson 1 4cl 4.50 Peaky Blinder 4cl 4 , 50 Tullamore Dew 1 4cl 6.50 German Slyrs Single Malt 4cl 7.50 DeCavo Cave Whiskey 4cl 7.50 Moonshiner 4cl 7.50 8

9 Scotch Dimple Golden Selection 1 4cl 6.00 Talisker 10 Years old 1 4cl 6.00 Laphroaig 10 Years old 1 4cl 6.00 Aberfeldy 12 Years old 1 4cl 6.50 Lagavulin 16 Years old 1 4cl 9.00 Ardbeg Ten 4cl 9 , 50 COFFEE SPECIALTIES & TEA From the Dinzler coffee roastery Cup of coffee cream 11 2.60 cup of espresso 11 2.40 cup of espresso Doppio 11 3.50 cup of cappuccino 11, H 3.20 glass of latte macchiato 11, H 3.80 cup of milk coffee 11, H 3.80 Premium tea from Althaus 3.10 loose, fresh organic tea in hand-sewn organic bags Cup 400ml Nandil Assam Aman Darjeeling Green Tea-Pi Lo Chun Flavored Green Tea, Jinjin Mango Lu Dao Traudl Alpine Herbs Claire Verveine Namira Peppermint Annemarie Rote Berries Bongani Rooibos Vanille A Round of Beers or non-alcoholic for the Kitchen Staff 8.00 They work hard, making you food, so if you liked what you had and want to say thanks to our kitchen staff, this is how you can do it 9

10 Additives and allergens Dear guests, we would like to inform you about the additives and allergens that have to be declared. The following list includes all additives and allergens, but this does not mean that our products contain all of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information! - Agar Agar [E406] belongs to the plant-based gelling agents and can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess. - Calcium lactate [E327] belongs to the lactic acids and regulates, for example, the acid content. Generally classified as harmless, but a concern is pronounced for allergy sufferers. 10

11 FOOD The special cooking process Meat and its history Cuts Appetizer Salads Burgers Vegetarian US. Beef from Nebraska Dry aged Iberico pork Beef from Finland Filet Filet Experience From the Filet Surf & Turf Chicken Fish recommendation Side dishes Sauces Dessert Early Bird Offer Page 12 Page 13 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 11

12 The special 800 degree cooking process With the Montague 800 Grill, Elbers has created a piece of the USA that customers can taste. Because the grill from the American manufacturer, which is already used in many well-known steak houses in the USA, ensures pure grill pleasure! Juicy and tender on the inside, a fine, almost caramelized crust on the outside due to the enormous temperature of up to 982 degrees, of the grill specially developed for steak preparation, the aroma is perfectly developed and the juiciness of the grilled food is retained. The meat is shock-heated in the grill at 800. This so-called Maillard reaction ensures that the outside of the meat caramelizes and creates a wonderfully tasty crust, which at the same time prevents juice from escaping from the product. Depending on the thickness of the meat, the grilling process only takes a few minutes, after which the meat has to rest (about 20-30 minutes) and the steak is perfectly prepared. Thanks to this extremely gentle cooking method, the meat relaxes again and you get a steak that amazes every guest. We also use the Josper charcoal grill. The world's leading brand in professional charcoal grilling. Thus we have an optimal taste experience. But the best grill is of no use if the quality of the meat is not appropriate. That is why we consistently focus on quality here. And if something is not available, it is because the quotas have been exhausted (the USA and Australia send a quota of goods to the EU per quarter, if this is exhausted, it will only be available again in the coming quarter) or we with the Quality were not satisfied. Then we don't process it either. We would like to point out that every steak therefore needs at least 25 minutes from the time it is ordered. 12th

13 MEAT AND ITS HISTORY USA The world's best steaks come from the USA without any ifs or buts. Our US beef comes from the best breeders in the country. For example from the Morgan Ranch in Burwell, Nebraska as well as family-run breeding operations in the USA. Anyone who has tried our US beef knows: This is how an American steak should taste! The beautiful red color and the even distribution of fat make our US beef not only a real eye-catcher. The robust, strong and nutty meat taste convinces discerning gourmets. The fat with the great melt and the pleasant consistency top the steak enjoyment of our US beef on the crown. Pasture grass feeding and plenty of exercise ensure the consistently high quality. Canada The stronghold of cattle breeding in Canada stretches from the plains of Alberta to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and revives images of the Wild West, including cowboys and cattle drives. Tens of thousands of cattle have grazed this hilly grassland for over a century. Cattle breeding has a long tradition in Canada. In the east of the country you can still find barns made of hand-cut logs that pioneers built almost 200 years ago, and many families have been raising their cattle on the same piece of land for over five generations. With a history like this, it is not surprising that Canadian cattle farmers are extremely proud of the quality of their products and the responsible use of the land that makes them a living. Pasture grass feeding and plenty of exercise also ensure the consistently high quality here. Irish Away from the urban epicentres, Ireland shows its true character: Lush pastures, extensive natural areas and absolute freedom. Coupled with the tranquility in the country and good weather conditions, the green island offers ideal conditions for producing meat of the highest quality. The idyllic country offers the opportunity to keep cattle on the pastures all year round - better conditions than in many other countries. The cattle only come into the barn when the Irish rain briefly floods everything. The happy cattle spend an average of 320 days a year on Ireland's green meadows. During this time it is not necessary to feed the animals, because they only feed on the herbs and grasses of the pasture areas. Our farmers attach great importance to the fact that the animals are kept and fed as naturally as possible. This also includes keeping the animals in a herd group - the herd stays together from the first time they enter the pasture until they are slaughtered. The excellent meat of the Irish free-range ox is characterized by a low fat content in fine marbling and a particularly intense aroma. Lots of free movement together with the herd and the natural diet of grasses and herbs give the meat its unique taste and wonderful texture. The rich red of the meat is also due to the diet, because the grass in the region is very rich in iron. 13th

14 Australian The Australian Black Angus Beef comes from the Australian states of Queensland and the Northern Territory. The entire herd size extends to cattle. Our supplier cultivates an incredible 7 million hectares. That makes up just under 1% of the Australian land mass. Here you will find the best natural grazing grounds for cattle fattening, and that applies not only to Australia, but worldwide. In order to obtain a stronger marbling and thus a greater tenderness and even more taste, the animals in Australia are fed a special grain mix (grain fed beef or grain finished beef) at least 120 days before slaughter. As a result, this meat is the ideal steak meat, particularly tender and intense. Platzhalter German The Simmental beef (also called Fleckvieh) originally comes from the Swiss Alpine region and is a dual-purpose breed for the dairy and meat industry. In recent years this spicy meat has been rediscovered by restaurateurs and gourmets. Today the Simmental beef is enjoying great popularity again! Our Simmental meat comes from breeders in the German and Austrian Alpine regions, who offer the Simmental cattle their original living conditions and thus contribute to the juicy and aromatic taste of the meat. BISON bison were almost extinct in the last century. Thanks to some committed breeders, the wild cattle stocks are stable again today. Bison live almost wild and in absolute calm in the wide prairies. There you only eat grass and wild herbs. This original attitude is the prerequisite and basis for the particularly nutritious and tender meat of the bison with its unmistakable taste. Bison meat is naturally very lean and has almost no intramuscular fat inclusions. From an anatomical point of view, the front part of the bison is very strong, while the rear part of the bison is very narrow and small. This means that the pieces of bison are also slightly smaller than those of domestic cattle such as Black Angus or Charolais. Particularly noteworthy is the naturally appetizing aroma of the tender bison meat, which is created by the animals being fed exclusively on grass. 14th

15 US CHUCK-EYE-ROLL STEAK RUMPSTEAK BEEF FILLET HIP STEAK RIB EYE STEAK US TRI-TIP STEAK US TERES MAJOR STEAK US LOIN RIBS CUTS US FLANK STEAK Entrecôte / Ribeye Whether you know this cut under the name Entrecôte, Ribeye or Ribeye is an almost identical cut from the front back, from the most stressed muscle group, and it is wonderfully suitable for quick frying. The Bone In variant of this cut can also be found in our shop, whereby the bone gives a real taste kick on top during the preparation of the entrecote with bone. Fillet The fillet is the most tender piece of meat and can be cooked in various ways, such as frying, grilling or sous vide. Whether rabbit, lamb, beef, pork, game or bison, we have the right piece of fillet for every meat lover. Find your favorite fillet here! Hip steak / Sirloin The hip steak, or sirloin steak, is the beef hip, while the hip core is also known as the steak hip. The hip steak can be fried and stewed perfectly. It is a very large, lean piece of beef thigh that lies on the spine. In its front part, the hip borders on the flat roast beef, in the lower part on the ball and in the back part on the boiled beef. As a portioned hip steak, the sirloin steak is ideal for short frying. Rump Steak / Strip Loin / Roast Beef The rump steak comes from the back of the beef and is also known as roast beef or strip loin. It is one of the most coveted pieces after the fillet and is the highlight of female gourmets. The rump steak can be recognized by its characteristic, clearly visible fat rim. Spare Ribs Call them what you want: spare ribs, ribs, back ribs, costillas, short ribs or St. Louis Cut. T-Bone & Porterhouse For enjoyment for two, Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak. The distinction between these two steaks depends on the size of the fillet portion. If it is higher than 3.2 cm, it is a porterhouse steak, from around 1.2 cm it is a classic T-bone steak. The characteristic T-bone gives the steak its intense meat taste and great juiciness. Hanging tender from nose to tail at its best! Enjoyment sometimes has many names, including the hanging tender. Because the cut is also known under the names kidney cones, hanger steak or crown meat. In Austria the hanging tender is called Herzzapfen and in France onglet. The hanging tender is cut from the belly area of ​​the beef. Strictly speaking, this cut is the support muscle of the diaphragm. The hanging tender is one of the premium cuts, which is partly due to the fact that there is only one cut per animal. Dry Age Dry-Aged Beef is meat that is dry-matured on the bone. During the maturation process, dry-aged steaks develop a very special, buttery-nutty taste. The dry aging and the associated loss of water intensify this even more and make it more aromatic. Anyone who has ever tried dry-aged beef is amazed at how aromatic and intensely original steaks can taste. 15th


17 VEGETARIAN Vegetarian Black Bean Burger 22.00 Black Bean Pattie Tempura Onions Avocado Mango Oxheart Tomato Golden French Fries and Mustard Mayonnaise Tagliolini al tartufo 18.00 Black Truffle Green Asparagus Parmesan Spinach Quiche 15.00 Spinach Dried Tomatoes Mountain Cheese Pine Nuts U.S. BEEF FROM NEBRASKA Hanging Tender 300 g 30.00 Strong taste that can hardly be surpassed in terms of tenderness Tri Tip Steak approx. 350 g 25.00 Strongly marbled steak, incredibly tender and strong in taste Shovel piece 60/48 approx. 200 g 22, 00 Part of the beef shoulder with a high proportion of connective tissue, cooked sous vide. Ox cheek approx. 250 g 16.00 Braised ox cheek, juicy and marbled meat, the perfect stew DRY AGED Irish T-bone steak approx. 600 g 55.00 Matured on the bone and grilled, the best of the back gets a unique taste US Rib eye steak approx. 350 g 56.00 Strongly marbled steak, cut from the prime rib and matured in the dryager Australian striploin steak approx. 350 g 42.00 The rump steak cut from roast beef, with the characteristic fat rim IBERICO PIG Spanish acorn pork olive on hooves . With its low cholesterol and high unsaturated fatty acid content, the meat is roughly on par with olive oil. Iberico Karree approx. 350 g 25.00 Juicy chops from the saddle of pork with a typical nutty taste from acorn-fed 17

18 Iberico Pluma approx. 300 g 30.00 A flat muscle with strong marbling. A particularly popular cut because of its juicy and nutty taste. BEEF FROM FINLAND Nordic Nature Beef from Finland High quality beef from traditional farms in Finland. Nordic Nature Beef combines tenderness, juiciness and the unique taste of the meat.Champion at the World Steak Challenge Sashi Rib Eye Steak approx. 350 g 50.00 A combination of an extraordinary taste note and extreme tenderness, from grass-fed heifers FILET U.S. Tenderloin 200 g 38.00 Finest fillet of ox, grass and maize feed for at least 120 days 300 g 56.00 Australian tenderloin 200 g 30.00 Finest fillet of ox and heifers, grass and min.120 days of grain feeding 300 g 44.00 Irish tenderloin 200 g 33.00 The finest fillet of ox and heifers, special mineral note from grass feeding, days of dry aged 300 g 48.00 FILET EXPERIENCE LADY S - CUT - STEAKS Lady s - Cut - Steaks on request according to the daily offer. Our service team will be happy to advise you. Find your favorites 3x 200 g 96.00 3 types of fillets from the USA, Australia and Ireland FROM THE FILET Filet Mignon 3x 100 g 46.00 The finest fillet from the fillet tip each 1x 100 g 16.00 Order as desired and your appetite Chateaubriand (butt tenderloin) approx. 700 g 105.00 Tender fillet head grilled in one piece and carved after cooking Filet slices approx. 200 g 32.00 Strips of beef fillet with teriyaki, sesame and vegetables 18

19 SURF & TURF How every steak becomes a special highlight Black Tiger King prawn piece 3.00 CHICKEN French free range poultry The chickens live 81 days in complete freedom in Europe's largest forest in southwest France. Guaranteed species-appropriate animal husbandry and responsibility towards nature and the environment are the guiding principles. Corn Chicken Supreme approx. 200 g 13.00 Tender corn chicken breast fillet with the label Rouge from controlled free-range husbandry, high-quality firm meat with low fat content FISH RECOMMENDATION Daily recommendation Catch of the day Our service team will be happy to advise you HOW TO GRILL Black & Blue Strongly roasted and caramelized on the outside, inside cold and raw. Rare / dark red heavily roasted and caramelized on the outside. The meat is still raw, the meat juices are dark red. Medium rare / light red on the outside heavily roasted and caramelized. The meat core is still raw and the juices are light red. Medium / pink on the outside, heavily toasted and caramelized. Cooked to the point pink over medium heat. Medium Well Roasted and caramelized on the outside. The core of the meat is only very light pink. SIDE DISHES Sweet Potatoe Cubes 6.00 Coriander Tandoori Truffled Sweet Potatoe Cubes 10.00 Fresh Truffle Truffle Mayonnaise Golden French Fries 6.00 Mustard Mayonnaise Parmesan Rosemary Truffled French Fries 10.00 Fresh Truffle Truffle Mayonnaise Baked Potato 6.00 Cream Herb Butter Sour Corn Crème Brûlée 6.00 Chili Fried Corn Creamy Spinach 6.00 Parmesan Cashew Grilled Green Asparagus 6.00 Olive Oil Fleur de sel Grilled Mushrooms 6.00 Teriyaki Onions Thyme Mediterranean Vegetables 6.00 Wild Broccoli Fennel Colorful Swiss Chard Mini Corn Carrot Bacon Puree 6.00 bacon chips fried onions poppy seeds 19

20 SAUCES Bearnaise sauce 3.00 Herb butter 3.00 Sour cream 3.00 Chipotle mayonnaise 3.00 Avocado cream 3.00 Jus 3.00 BBQ sauce 3.00 DESSERT Seasonal fruit crumble 10.00 Vanilla oat ganache Semi-liquid chocolate cake 11.00 Passion fruit Coconut Mango Coffee Crème Brûlée 11.00 Cardamom Dwarf Orange Chocolate EARLY BIRD Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 5 pm to 5:45 pm The daily menu including wine recommendation and water 48.00 p. Person. 20th