How does an INTP show love

Are you an INTP personality type (The Architect)

INTPs are philosophical innovators who are fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design.

They dig into the theory and look for the universal law behind everything they see.

They want to understand the common themes of life in all their complexity.

People who rate an INTP are often described as calm and analytical. You like to spend time alone, thinking about how things work and developing solutions to problems.

INTPs have a rich inner world and would rather focus their attention on their inner thoughts than on the outside world.

They usually don't have a large social circle, but they are usually around a select group of people.

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How common is the INTP personality type?

INTP is one of the less common types in the population, especially among women. In women, INTP is the fourth most common type (after INTJ, ENTJ and INFJ). Form INTPs:

3% of the general population
5% of men
2% of women

Main INTP properties

1. INTPs are calm, reserved, and thoughtful. As introverts, they prefer to hang out with a small group of close friends with whom they share common interests and connections.

2. You like to think about theoretical concepts and you tend to put intellect over emotions.

INTPs are logical and based on objective information rather than subjective feelings.

3. When analyzing information and decisions, they are very logical and objective.

4. Tends to be flexible and good at “thinking outside the box”.
People with this personality type think about the big picture instead of focusing on every tiny detail.

5. INTPs like to keep options open and feel limited by structure and planning.

INTP values ​​and motivations

INTPs look cool, but privately they are passionately interested in reason, analysis and innovation.

They try to create complex systems of understanding in order to unite the principles they have observed in their environment.

Your mind is complex and active, and you will go to great mental exertion to come up with ingenious solutions to interesting problems.

The INTPs are typically non-traditional and will discuss their own individual way of doing things rather than following the crowd.

The INTPs are skeptical of assumptions and conventions and seek to dispel ideas that others take for granted.

INTPs are merciless at analyzing concepts and beliefs and are of little value.

They are often confused by other people who stay true to the ideology that doesn't make any logical sense.

Personal relationships

As introverts, INTPs prefer to spend most of their time alone. Unlike extroverts, who gain energy by interacting with a broad group of people, introverts have to expend energy in social situations.

After hanging out with lots of people, INTPs may feel like they need to spend some time alone to recharge and find balance.

While they can be shy around people they don't know well, INTPs tend to be warm and kind to their close group of family and friends.

Because INTPs enjoy solitude and deep thinking, they sometimes come across as aloof and aloof.

Sometimes people with this personality type can get lost in their own thoughts and lose track of the outside world.

You love ideas and attach great importance to intelligence and knowledge.

INTPs are usually quite relaxed and tolerant in social situations. However, they can become adamant when their beliefs or judgments are challenged.

Their heavy emphasis on logic can make it difficult not to correct others when other people are making arguments that are not rational or logical.

Also, since they rely on their own minds more than others, they can be very difficult to convince.

As other INTPs see

INTPs are often preoccupied with their own thoughts and seem to others to be mostly fancy and unconventional.

The INTP spirit is a very active place, and its inner orientation can mean neglecting superficial things like home decor or appropriate clothing.

You don't tend to bother with small talk, but can get downright passionate about science, math, computers, or the larger theoretical problems of the universe.

Reality is often of only temporary interest to the architect as they are more interested in the theory behind it all.

INTPs are typically precise in their language and convey complex ideas using carefully selected words.

You will insist on intellectual rigor in even the most casual of conversations and will easily point out inconsistencies in thinking or reasoning.

Social subtleties can fall by the wayside for an INTP more interested in analyzing logic, and they can offend others by logically testing their cherished values ​​and beliefs.

Career paths

INTPs are often particularly well suited for academic careers due to their theoretical and abstract concepts.

You are logical and have strong reasoning skills, but are also excellent at creative thinking.

INTPs can be very independent and value personal freedom and autonomy.

In some cases, they can be exacerbated by those in authority, especially those who they believe are trying to suppress their ability to think and act for themselves.

For this reason, INTPs are usually provided with the best career opportunities as they have a high degree of flexibility and independence.

Popular INTP careers

1. Chemist

2. Physicist

3. Computer programmer

4. Legal scholar

5. Engineer

6. Mathematician

7. Pharmacist

8. Software developer

9. Geologist

1. You tore things down.

You are eager to break apart ideas that others take for granted.

You can be inconsiderate in analyzing concepts and beliefs and you consider very little sacred; you don't understand how some people stick to ideas that have been found illogical.

As a result, it is easy to offend people for giving your opinion (and many INTPs simply choose not to).

2. You only open up to a select few.

The stereotypical “nerd”, you can be shy or withdrawn around people you don't know well.

However, you become talkative and enthusiastic when you meet someone who shares your niche interests.

3. There is a ghost in the machine.

Deep down, you are a sensitive and emotional person. You just have trouble expressing your feelings because your feeling function is not well developed.

Since your mind is a logic machine, it often feels like your emotions are the key clogging its otherwise seamless functioning.

INTPs can get around this by treating emotions as something that needs to be investigated on their own.

Many INTPs become exceptional listeners and show great care and tolerance towards those they love.

4. Relationships have never become easy for you.

Getting out and meeting new people, risking rejection and being emotionally vulnerable, it's all way out of your comfort zone.

As a result, you often wait for others to make the first move. However, when you get into a relationship, you are a dedicated, loyal partner or friend.

5. You are not a cheerleader.

You are likely not the person your friends turn to for emotional support.

You would much rather offer practical advice on solving the underlying problem than show sympathy.

(Some friends, especially INTJs, will appreciate that about you.)

6. You are interested in more than just results.

Because deadlines and schedules are not met, some people find you unreliable.

You are more interested in the process - and in examining every part of it - than in speeding up to an end result.

You also feel more comfortable when things are left open and not set in stone.

7. A brick without a wall

For you, nonconformity is not a statement, just a natural state. You have little respect for rules or social norms, and you never quite fit into school or work.

You are much more interested in originality and discovering the right answer than in fulfilling set expectations.

8. The Analysis Trap

Sometimes you get stuck analyzing and re-analyzing your ideas for fear that you have missed a critical part.

As a result, it can be difficult to move forward with your ideas and turn them into reality. You leave a lot of projects unfinished.

9. The universe surprises you

You see the world as one big, complex machine - and as with any machine, the parts are all interconnected.

You shine at seeing these connections and how seemingly disconnected factors are connected, with the amazement of other personality types.

10. You don't use empty words.

You believe that truth is the most important factor, so you rarely draw words. Sometimes you seem too dull.

It's not that you're trying to hurt people's feelings. It would be insincere for you to say one thing and mean the other.